VX-2 startup fail after drop

vector 3 years ago updated by Ryanb 6 months ago 6

I've run my VX-2 since 9/2013 with few problems (dash replaced under warranty in 11/2013), except slightly balky startup sequence (learned to roll the throttle slightly in sync with left-right brake squeeze). Last month, bike was knocked over by accident onto right side (throttle side) and hit the right end of handlebar, and now it won't start. All other electrical system items still work - head & signal lights, horn, LCD readout - but bike just won't start. Throttle rotation feels a little squeaky. Removed covers per service manual and looked around, did not see anything obviously broken. Original dealer (Rockridge Two Wheels in Oakland) no longer has expertise to repair. Any thoughts? Try replace right brake switch? Or does that sound like a throttle problem?

Under review

Yes - it is the same part as in VX-1, you can use the S00079. You don't need canbus cable to adjust throttle - in the same instruction, I've explained how to to it by watching speedometer needle.


Thank you for the confirmation - much appreciated!

We received the S00079 part and the mechanic installed it. When he ran the procedure for "Regen Throttle Sensor Adjustment" (without diagnostic cable), there was no response - i.e. no speedometer needle movement or response of any kind.

Does this mean that the controller is damaged? If so, what are our options? Or, what could be other possibilities?Please advise.

I am feeling rather discouraged that this could be a dead bike just due to it being dropped (i.e. not an unusual thing for a bike).

vector please provide me your email so i can send you calibration procedure, are u sure you connected properly the sensor to the ICM (3 wire)

I accidentally tapped my VX-2 with my truck and when it fell I cannot get it to start up. Everything works like lights dash etc please help