vectrix webshop is down .

dantihu 3 years ago updated by LagunaMike 11 months ago 15

I tried accessing the Vectrix webshop, I got this message "This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources." What's hapening?


I've been said last week that Vectrix was offcially over two years ago. 

I chatted with Vectrix people in july about BMS problem. 

No more answer yet in september.

it sounds like a game over.

so sad.

this site may disapear too I guess.

I copied it on my hard disk to keep knowledge about VX 1 available.


Hi, last year I have ordered various items from the webshop, it was still fully functional. Now with the page gone I was wondering what happens to the inventory since there seems to be constant demand for parts from the people using the scooters.

Saving the site resources seems to be a good idea regardless, I will do the same.

Hello, I don't know if mail adresses still work but let's try to contact former staff about the inventory.

Staff members have names. I'll try to reach them another way. 

if Vectrix got in liquidation process, liquidator's job is to retrieve as much momey as they can. So selling the inventory maybe a good thing for him.KMLK

p.s. KMLK was the captcha. Not yet awaken....

Right, if you could ask them what is their plan for the upcoming period. I think Vectrix has valuable assets as the complete bikes, spare parts, the firmware source codes and the patent for the regenerative braking - just to name a few. 

I spoke 2 days ago with Matteo. by mail.

He says there is no liquidation. and an important stock of parts.

and plans for future. He is interested in investors for these plans.

That is for the news.

Thank you Sylvain, apparently they don't have firm plans at the moment.

Regardless it could be practical to restore the shop for the customers or at least an email address for orders.I doubt it would cost a significant amount (vs. the inventory stored without any use).


Vectrix parts site is back!

Just checked, great :)

Hello every (some?) one,

I'm looking for the left part in the picture ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkymjnq20qziuxe/calibration%20tool.jpg?dl=0  ).

I got the right one thru vectrixshop a few weeks ago.

it's down again at this time...  I take the two parts if sold or given together.

Thank you.

How do you guys get your parts with the webshop down?

Would like to purchase some bits and pieces but with webshop down very difficult to get

Main website has been down for the past couple of months with domain vectrixparts.com for sale (or un registered, I can't remember) with companion site shop.vectrixparts down as well with everything written in polish.

Website up and running, which is great news!

I hope that spare parts will be up and running soon, so I can purchase my parts as well !

Happy to see there is life here!


Still waiting...

Have you guys got some news?

It seems to be down for good. parts maybe available from Matteo.

How do you get hold of anyone (Matteo?) to purchase parts?

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for the VX-2?  We recently got one that (perhaps) has as many as 95 percent of the parts needed, but would sure like to get that other 5%!

Thanks to the group for any help.