Inner tube for rear tyre of VX-2

Nickel 3 years ago updated by Azzuro 3 years ago 3

I need a replacement inner tube for my rear tyre, but it is a non standard tube because of the hub motor.  I cannot source a replacement anywhere even the vextrix spares site, even though the parts list includes: "SV30802 tube rear tire "

Does anyone know how I can get hold of one (or three to be on the safe side given these are so difficult to source!) of these.



Are you sure an inner tyre is needed ? The parts catalog has the follwoing items for the rear wheel :

SV30500 Tyre 130/60-13 Tubeless 1
SV30802 tube rear tire 1

In other words there is also an indication for being tubeless. In case it is still needed an ordinary inner tube for the 130/60-13 tire size should work I guess.

/ Azzuro


Thanks for the reply.

Although the specified tyre is tubeless, the tyre needs a tube because the hub motor isn't like an ordinary rear wheel, but has a removable rim, which means a tubeless tyre won't work. But also, all standard inner tubes of that size have the valve in the centre, which won't fit, because the centre of the wheel is directly into the motor, so the valve hole in the rim is offset by about 45 degrees - hence a non-standard tube is required.

I'm hoping the manufacturer still makes or stocks these items,

Thanks for any help


That explains (I have VX1 which is not a hub motor design). Indeed seems to be custom with the 45 degrees valve position, I've just looked at the VX2 pictures showing the rear wheel from the right hand side.