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Motor Controler and BMS not responsive

SimonH 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

Hi Everybody,

Some weeks ago I did a huge mistake by uploading the wrong firmware to my charger.

Somehow and thanks to some guys here and on visforvoltage I was able to fix this. Then I did the next miserable mistake. (Lesson not learned, you may say) I decided to update the firmwares of all the components in my bike, everything went more or less smoothly. Until it came to the motor controler. For what ever reason, the update broke. Since then the MC is unresponsive and even the BMS is offline.

I guess I broke the bootfile on the MC. What would you recomend to fix this? is it easy to low-Level Reprogram the MC or would you even recomend to replace it. If itis to replace which MC should I use? the one with the newer Revision or the one with the older Revision?

Batteriepack: LiFePo4 42Ah

Charger: ESD Silver 1500W

max Speed: 110Km/h

Thanks for your suggestions.



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yes you corrupted the mc bootloader, the low level programmikng can be made only here at our factory but you have to send us the MC, the cost of the reprogramming is here http://shop.vectrixparts.com/mc-reprogramming.html

we can supply it back with any revisionu want

Hi Matteo,

thank you for the feedback.

how will the delivery be done?

Do you use courier-service?

thanks for update



Hello Matteo,

Good evening. I just ordered the reprograming of my MC it's Ordernumber: 674.

I would like to have it reprogramed with the new revision if possible and if compatible to my Charger, ICM and BMS versions.

How could I tell, that the charger has the conversion to Lithium? is there some hint on itself? As far as I understood, there is a change on the hardware to be done on the ESD Silver Charger to be LiFePo4 complaient. If I know that the Charger needs to be shipped to poland as the MC, I maybe can send both together to you.

Thanks for an answer.



Hi Matteo,

when will the courier come and pick up the MC?

thank you for your answer.