Low Power after replacing ESD Charger with Runke Charger

SimonH 7 years ago updated by Anna Falkowska (Sales Manager) 7 years ago 1

Hi all,

I just replaced my ESD Charger with a Runke charger, because the old one died.

Some of you may be aware that I had some strange behaviour with droping power after riding about 15km. That was solved with a newer Firmware of the ESD charger and the reprograming of the Motor Controler. Sadly though somehow the ESD charger survived the new MC only for about 2 days, than went off with flash! I still don't know what exactly died. I guess the output Voltage was still fine. I mean, I was able to ride with full power.

Just when I connected it to the powerplug, the fuse for that powerplug in my house went out. Anyway I was told to replace the charger with a Runke gold, because they fit better to my 40S-LiFePo4 Bike. But now I'm not even able to drive... max speed I got this morning was about 30km/h then it started to stutter and the power droped dramatically until it just stood still. when I turned the ger to full-throttle It just stuttered but did not really move. I had to push it back home. Fortunately it was just a few meters.

So, what I have I done wrong when I replaced the charger? I thought the charger comes with the correct Firmware for my bike, if I oder it at the vectrix-part shop. But I have the feeling this is not true.

I really hope I can solve this problem as soon as possible. I'd like to enjoy some of the summerdays on my bike.