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Possible VX1 Lithium Chargers

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Is it possible to use one 1.5kW Runke charger together with one 3.3kW PFC charger (to charge with 4.8kW)?

Is it possible to mount one PFC charger and maybe later a second PFC charger to get 6.6kW charging power.

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Question 1. In theory  yes - but it would requaire a wire harnes change - adaptor, and new firware for Runke - which we have not developped.

Question2 - absolutly - if you buy a 3.3kW PFC it comes with bracket ready for second unit, firmware and controll box is ready as well. Keep in mind that using full power 6.6kW requaire either 3 phase 380V connection or quite rare 32A 230V socket / plug. Whatever you decide we have wiring sets, plugs, adapters etc - including Mennekes port on bike.

We have also a adaptor kit - mennekes to schuko or industrial to schukko where only one charger will work when connected to the standard 16A 230VAC socket and both if connected to Mennekes / Industrial.


Thank you for this answers.

A last question about the 3.3kW charger: If i have just a 230V plug socket with for example 6A protection, is it posible to reduce the charingpower of the 3.3 charger to avoid the operation of the protection. 

Regards from Austria, Reinhard


You can setup the charger max power from scooter dashboard (on all our chargers). As well as delay in charging (if you would like to charge late night when the electricity is cheaper)