motor controller fuse

DAN 7 years ago updated by O. Invierno 6 years ago 2

I may have a blown motor controller fuse on my VX-1 Lithuim + bike. Are there any photos posted of what the motor controller looks like and where it is located? I have taken the bike apart and can see the top of the battery pack and a circuit board behind it in some sort of metal cage. Not sure what I am looking at. Thanks!


If you talking about main motor controler fuse. It is located under metal case of MC(I marked it as red).

Motor controler has more smaller fuses. In original MC they can not be exchanged, if you have MC after our rework all fuses are replaceable ( I marked it as blue).


I recently bought an unmodified VX-1. I don't know why, but I tried what happens if I hold the break and pull the throttle, bad idea,  I guess a (few) fuses are gone now. Now I hear a humming/buzzing sound and no torque response.

@Mateusz, I didn't open the bike yet to find the MC (is there also a manual?), but when you write, in the original MC they can not be exchanged, does this mean I would have to send it in for rework? Can you relate my case and/or be more specific with motor controller has more smaller fuses (location, size, number, manual for replacement)?

Thanks a lot, best regards, o.