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Why message "EC 071" after charging ?

FantaisyRat 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

This makes 2 charges that they end with the message "EC 071" and not the usual "EC 049".

The first charge ended with the highest cell at only 4.11V (4.15V in normal time, Li-Ion battery).
The second charge ended with the highest cell at only 4.14V (4.15V in normal time).
My daily trips are about 70 km (43,496 miles).

Sorry for my english but i'm french and i use google translate ;)

What does this code "EC 071" mean?

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Probably you have problem with MC voltage reading. It is comparing with voltage reading from BMS. When values are diffrent you will have EC071 message. 

What you can do? 
-Check power connection between battery and MC, maybe cables are not well screw?
-Check power connection between charger and MC.

-Upgrade MC,BMS and charger firmware.

What do you call MC ?

My scooter is under warranty so I won't disassemble everything 😉

But as I like understand, I bothered you and thank you very much for your answer... And I'll wait for my dealer to call me back 😇