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bms problem?

jakito111 6 years ago updated by Mateusz Dysko (Service Engineer) 6 years ago 8

Hi, first of all, I apologize for my English Google translator.
I have two motorcycles vectrix x1 li +,
I have put together the best modules of the two motorcycles to make a pack in better condition.
This is all properly mounted, but I receive false readings from the BMS, the actual voltage of the cells obscilates between 3,302 and 3,3804 volts. (reading obtained with a quality digital multimeter)
However, in the panel of the motorcycle I get the following voltages:

low 279
high 365

high cell failure and low cell failure

yellow spanner and battery symbol in red,
the bike works well, with a little limited speed.

We have reviewed everything and tested the bms of the other bike and do strange things like low cell 000 and high 368.
the bms are placed in the original order negative pole bms 0 after 1 after 2 and the positive pole reaches the bms 3.
it's really strange,

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With type of BMS you have? Can you send me a photo? Do you have CAN-BUS adaptor? Can you send me printscreen from Vectrix Diagnostic?

i have no can-bus adapter


Please i need your help 

If you just screw BMSes to cells it is possible that you crack them. This type of BMS need special metodhood of mounting. You can't connect all cells on one time. You have to connect them one by one. 

To detect with board is broken you have to connect to Vectrix diagnostic by CAN-USB adaptor.

Ok, I want to buy the can bus, can you give me the link to this item? 


connect one to one? Could you be a little more specific? I have more bms boards, but I need to know how to connect them exactly. I have also discovered that you can program the number of bms by shorting two of the four pins on the board, there is a sequence of lights, am I right?


Here u are adaptor, regular one(without opto-decoupled) will be enough:

I talked about connecting one single board to cells. When you just put bms on cells you can crack the bms. The safe way is connecting cells one by one. You can put some plastic foil between cells and BMS and by movig this foil connect(screw the bolt) cell one by one, start from main GND. 

The number of BMS you can set as you said.