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Diagnosing ESD no charger response condition

R Sinclair 6 years ago updated by piotrstec (Managing Director) 6 years ago 1

Hello folks,

I just bought a 2007 Vectrix VX-1 (awesome scooter) It came from the original owner who stopped using it a couple years prior. It was charged periodically, then the charger failed after the batteries went totally dead.

When connecting the charger power cable, nothing happens, no fans, relays, displays, nothing at all. Bike is all original and does not appear to have been modified or SW tweaked. Unfortunately, I don't have a CANBUS cable to run diagnostics....

Here's the particulars and what I've done so far:

NiMh battery was totally dead (3v) pulled, disassembled and manually recharged, installed.

Display comes on and shows 140V and 2 bars

Motor and controller are fine, bike operates perfectly on center stand.

Temperature sensors and voltage monitors connected.

Plan to upgrade to replace the current NiMH with Leaf batteries. .

Now for the charger:

Silver ESD series with square connectors. two external fans Part# P001304

Firmware version on label: SW V4.20 HW: P1.43
AC power is reaching the charger (hear a slight inrush arc when plugging in cable to wall (120V)

Verified all connections are clean and tight, no physical damage

Opened charger, found no evidence of fried components, smoke or other damage

Both internal charger fuses tested good.

Tried a variety of reset procedures (disconnecting/reconnecting cables, power, etc)

I have *not* yet verified if DC power from the controller is present at the charger (forgot to check)

That said, is the charger likely dead or could it be something else such as the controller charger fuse, a firmware issue, etc. Anything I may overlooked?

If the charger is indeed dead, what is the most reliable and flexible replacement? Would you go back to the ESD, the Runke or a PFC charger? or just use an external charger?

Sort of related, if the charger is physically removed, will the controller and instruments function or is this controlled via the charger itself?

Thank you very much in advance.....


SF Bay Area, California, USA

P.S. If anyone in the Bay Area has cables and parts, please contact me. Thanks!

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If you are planning to do Leaf conversion - definetly go for TC PFC charger - it is very durable, modern device with double power (half charging time).

I'll forward your email to our R&D - maybe they can advise something on old charger, probably though you will need diagnostic cable..