Current state of my Vectrix + plans

Azzuro 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

VX-1 13000 kms

Current state :


1.5 kW charger

> LED fanless headlight

> Type2 AC charging

Planned :

Liitokala HG2 based NMC battery, prebalanced 36S24P 

Firmware to match new battery chemistry

Custom BMS with Arduino uplink

CANBus internal connection to Arduino

Elcon TC charger 3.6 or 7.2 kW

Remote start, unlock with 433 Mhz keyfob, later BLE

Remote SOC, GPS, status monitoring via 3G IP / Ubidots 

Dual tone horn

Sport windshield

Update : Added 2nd VX1


Battery ready 36S28P, road tested, 80 Ah, 500A nominal

Custom BMS ready - idle balancing algo - road tested including public Type2 charging 

CAN bus programming for BMS in progress - spoofing stock BMS for cell voltages and temperatures

2 sport windshields installed

Elcon TC 3.3kW charger purchased