NiMh BMS temperature sensors burned

Carlos Oliveira 2 weeks ago 0

Hello all.
I've been trying to contact Vectrix team for help with no success, so I decided to place my message public to see if someone can misleading some doubts I have.
My VECTRIX-VX1 has suffered a problem with the wire battery temperature sensors (both front and rear) which burned. This affected the CAN bus on the Controller board but I believe that I already solved this problem with some components I replaced.

I also noticed that the charger is not charging but according with my understanding, this might be due to the lack of temperature information, from the battery sensors to the charger and the charger itself might be ok, is that right?

In the meantime, I ordered a new wire battery temperature board and is my intention to replace the damaged wiring with the new one. However, my concern is that probably this new board needs to be programmed and I don’t have the means to do it (CANBus/USB converter). I sent an email to Vectrix team asking if it would be possible to pre-program this board (for NiMh batteries), before they send it to me but till now, they didn’t answer my question.

Those boards are sent "empty" and then will be programmed via CAN, right?
Does anybody knows if it can be pre-programmed, according with the firmware version referred by the buyer?
Is there any other way to program these boards, other than via CAN (for example, programming the PIC16F677 directly with a dump)? Thank you!

Kind regards,

Carlos Oliveira