how to replace EVPS (Runke) Charger v2.1 by 3.3kW PFC Battery Charger

dantihu 5 months ago updated by Azzuro 5 months ago 9

The 3.3 kW PFC Battery Charger doesn't come with installation instruction unfortunately .

The the connectors between power plug and charger seem to fit , i assume the pinout is correct , please correct me if i am wrong .

There  are to thick cables red and black witch i assume i have to connect to the battery terminal , is it so?

There is also a 4 pin connector labeled 

red - 12V+

brog - CANH

grey - CANL

black - 12V-

where do i have to connect it?

what do i do with the purple connector, marked ICM and battery charger ?



It takes much more than just connecting the wires. The stock chargers perform additional functions (for example calculating the SOC, remaining distance, etc.). Compared to this the Elcon TC/PFC chargers are fairly simple. In summary the CAN communication is significantly different starting with the addresses. You will need custom components from Poland / Dugas Engineering / Fuel Free Motors to make it work including the BMS integration.

Building a converter yourself (I've chosen this option, in progress) would require in depth understanding of the various firmware and CAN messages.

Regards, Azzuro

Hi , thanks for  your reply !

This is really disappointing  that   i I bought a very expensive charger from vectrix online shop and waited 3 weeks for it to arrive only to find out it is not plug and play .

i wonder why it comes with adaptor plate if it doesn't have the adaptor components . 

there should be more information on the subject , or a warning that it is not fully compatible without extra parts,   or a complete plug and play kit for sale.

unfortunately I've spent already enough money on this project and i lack in depth knowledge of electronics  so i see myself forced to return the charger and buy the cheaper version.

hope this help other people avoid the mistake i made .

Kind regards, 


Sure, without the outlined modifications I am afraid you only have the EVPS charger as a feasible option - and accept the 1.5 kW limit. Firmwares are available for the various battery options.

Cheers, Azzuro

Yes, it can certainly work. David Dugas may need to give you the necessary instructions. Important to verify if it is designed for the non-CAN or the CAN enabled PFC charger version. Based on your picture you have the CAN enabled version.

/ Azzuro

when one orders a PFC 3,3 kW charger this is what he should receive

i received the following installation instructions from mr. Matteo Zordan:

Exellent so cut out the cable going down from charger to bms, in your picture there is a label 002240, you can cat on the label, than you need to connect bms power supply 12volt in parallel with bms fan 12volt and canbus signals to J22 MC connector (use pin 2 and 3 of J22 for 12volt – and pin 10 – 11 of J22 for canbus) enclosed wiring diagram to identify pinout.

Than u need to connect charger 4 pin connector to black box, next to it there is a 6pin slot where u need to connect the short harness that goes to main harness J3 connector (leave empty the 6pin slot on the opposite side of the black box)

Charger AC cord is pug and play

Charger dc output goes with 2 ring directly screwed to battery terminal (old charger DC cable need to be removed but u need to leave the connection between mc anf mc cooling fan white and brown cable)



  I would say it is relatively straightforward. The question is where to get the black box from :)


it came in the same box with the charger, unfortunately it was so nicely wrapped i haven't seen it initially.

Glad to hear :) Based on the above details it can definitely work. In case you are not confident a local car electrician should be able to interpret this as well.

/ Azzuro