Encoder Replacement S-XC-S00024

Special Tools Required:

ST1206 Encoder Radial Alignment Tool

ST1205 Encoder Disc Gap Tool

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the motor side swingarm chrome cover. Refer to S-XC-S00102
  2. Remove the encoder cover bolts (1) and carefully remove the cover as not to damage the sealing gasket

    .Image 72
  3. Remove the encoder connector and encoder mirror (1).

    Image 73
  4. Remove the encoder disk bolt (2) and remove the disk.
  5. Remove the encoder sensor screws (1) and remove the sensor.

Image 75

Installation Procedure

  1. Clean the encoder and disc cavity of any grease or dirt.
  2. Use threadlock (Loctite Blue 248) on the screw threads, loosely install the encoder screws (1).
  3. Use ST1206 Encoder Radial Alignment Tool (1). Place the tool over the motor shaft and put the alignment pegs (2) into the encoder mirror holes.

    Image 76
  4. Tighten the encoder screws and remove the tool.
  5. Install ST1205 Encoder Disc Gap Tool (1) on the motor shaft in the encoder chamber.
  6. Slide encoder disc (2) onto the motor shaft.
  7. Install the disc bolt and tighten 4 N•m (35 lb in)

    Image 77

  8. Remove the Encoder Disc Gap Tool
  9. Install the encoder mirror and encoder wire harness connector
  10. Inspect the encoder cover gasket and wiring harness grommet for any damage. If a problem is found, replace. You may use gasket sillant or high temp. silicon on / instead of encoder gasket.
  11. Install the encoder sensor cover. Ensure that the gasket and harness grommet are in place
  12. Install the encoder cover bolts (1). Tighten Encoder cover bolts 4 N•m (35 lb in)
  13. Calibrate the encoder. Refer to S-ST-100000.

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How to clean encoder and how often? Thanks


As long as encoder error doesn't show up you don't need to clean it.

If required - blow it with dry air (best: air in can, if you use compressor make sure lubrication oil is not added to air)

If encoder chamber contaminated with oil / water - very gently clean with technical alcohol.

If you remove the encoder disc or encoder board - you will need special tools to reinstall it - ST1205 and ST1206

Whenever encoder cover is open / removed - replace the original gasket with rubber ring or heat resistant silicon (motor housing can have 100deg C). Original one became hard from the motor heat and cracks.


My encoder show error but I have opened and it was clean. How to clean exactly or maybe I must to calibrate it?

When it is dirty, at what speed does the encoder fail?



Number 4 in the riding history has to be converted to binary - will give you 100, which is uprst. Don't worry about it, it comes when some number of throttle faults is recorded in short time.

If you don't have encoder displayed on dashboard or rough ride - you don't need to clean it.

hello .my acceleration handlebaar stopped working today whilst driving , dashboard ok , no erors, i hear a whine from the motor when trying to turn handlebar.after turning ignition off and waiting a few minutes works again. I opened the encoder cover , seem like the grease from the motor bearing entered in the encoder enclosure . What is the procedure replacing  the seal bearing? Do i need to buy the calbration tool?