Headlight Replacement S-XC-S00092

1. Remove the windshield. Refer to S-XC-S00286

2. Remove the console top cover (Drawing below - 2) - pull gently by hand

Image 34Image 35

3. Remove the front louver screws (1) [PH2 head] and louvers

Image 36

4. Remove 4 headlamp assembly retaining bolts (1) - [10mm Hex]

Image 37Image 38

5. Remove the upper fairing screws (1).

Image 39

6. Remove the fairing bolt (2), retain any alignment shims (3) removed for reassembly.

Image 40Image 41

7. Remove Headlight and disconnect cables, pressing the locks of the upper connector and using a flat screwdriver for the lower connector lock.

Image 42

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Where are the screws of point 3? I don't find them

They are small black Philips screws between the ribs of the black decals.

Thanks, found them. I'm trying to install a new ignition switch, hoping to solve my issue.

Do you know someone in Italy that could resolve my problems? thanks 

Replacing the ignition switch is not easy (it is even protected by special screws those need to be drilled) so only recommended if you are certain it is faulty. Do you know the Italian Vectrix community on WhatsApp ?

Thanks, according to your suggestions on https://vectrixparts.userecho.com/en/communities/1/topics/3340-vx-1-not-turning-on-at-all I would replace ignition switch, but if there is a fast way to check ignition switch I could check. I'm interested in Italian Vectrix community on WhatsApp, could I receive more info?


Since it is the ignition switch it is protected from tampering for obvious reasons. To test it you would need access to the Motor Controller. In case you have access to it I could describe which two pins should be connected on one of the connectors which is equivalent of turning the ignition switch on.

For the "Quelli del Vectrix" WhatsApp group please drop me an email (me@mecano.hu) and I will reply with the contacts. I prefer not to share their numbers here.