VX-1 NiMH Firmware

Here you can download the oryginal firmware for NiMH bikes 1017 - 3001.zip

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Where can I find the description of the firmware? What is does, what is different from the original? How to operate new features?


This is the oryginal Vectrix firmware for NiMH bikes - we don't develop any changes to NiMH only to the lithium. If you would like something newer for NiMH - check for Laird firmware on visvorvoltage


I uploaded nimh firmware on my runke charger to make a leaf conversion without bms

and now the red lights are flashing and the fan of the charger is on without pluging the charger in.

I tried to upload the lithium firmware back but it doesnt work.

Is there any reset possible or any trick to upload the lithium software back?

thanks for your answer

Jc Coen

please send a picture of charger hw revision, the serial number and revision are stamped on the charger  heatsink side

Is it this? 

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this charger is ok for nimh or for lithium but need proper firmware, probably you put the esd charger firmware into the gold charger, try to upload the firmwere when the plug is in the AC

I plugged in the charger in the ac, with the battery plugged in, the fan goes on and off, every lights are on, the counter goes to the max then block to 40mph.

the same message appears when i try to program the battery charger:

"transfer failed to vxni vehicule charger"


I changed today the charger for another gold charger witch comes from a vx1 Li+,

the fan and the lights stays off,

I tried to download a firmware but the can bus is off and red,

i checked the connection cable but it is allright.

The vectrix diagnostics GUI is still opening on "vectrix nimh" and not lithium.

Do yo have an idea?

Thank by advance

Jc Coen

I mounted the original charger back on vectrix and managed to download a lithium firmware on the charger, the red lights on the dashboard and the fan are off but now the mc and icm are red on the gui summary and it is not possible to download any firmware again.

Thanks by advance for jour answer

JC Coen

JC Coen

I’m sorry for late reply.

Generally we don’t recommend using Li batteries without BMS.

The risk of overcharging which will finish with fire is high. Overdischarging will damage cell - reduce its capacity.

You will safe 500EUR now on BMS but your battery will fail sooner or later.

If you decide so, on your own risk  – there are on vis for voltage forum firmware packages (made either by Laird or by Dugas), if I remember I’ve recommend you this already by phone.

You have in your bike EVPS (Runke) charger V2.1 and you need a firmware matching it.

If you have uploaded ESD firmware to the EVPS charger – they may be a problem to reprogram it again.

In any case – you have to always use complete package of firmware charger, MC, and BMS if equipped.

hello to all. I have a big problem with my nimh controller.  I try to update the old nimh firmware with your standard nimh firmware and in the middle of reprogramation the process was stoped. Erreur and now, my controller is off (red on the diagnose program). 

Is sad because after that I never had problems with my controller. Can someone reprog my controller? I think it can be done by a special port on the motherboard 



To reprogramm the controller crashed during firmware upgrade you need to have low lever programmer - JTAG JET 2000.

If you can't find any near you to borrow - you can send us the controller board for reprogramming.

Hello and thanks for your replay. I have only the usb to can cable. 

If you want I can send it to you. Please tell me how can I pay you and the postal adress where to send the controller. In your website I find low level programming for 60€. Is ok for me

That's this service.

Buy it onlin, and our logistics will contact you for MC shipping


Hello piotrstec, I have the same problem. Firmware update  did go wrong. Now I have contact with  xds510 jtag and u controller. I have a hex file and I need a .out file. Can you sent me a .out file?

Hi Technical Support,

I bought a Vetrix with faulty NiMH cells, charging with EVPS (Runke, gold) 2.1v. I replaced 5 bad cells and got the bike alive. Upgraded the firm ware with Dugas as they supprt EVPS. Everything was charging great but decided to stop charging before 145v by switching off at the wall. Went into the vx configuration software and lowed max charge voltage to 140v. Restarted the charge and everything great, once 140v reached, charger dropped back current and started to shutdown, then large BANG that threw main fuse in my home. Disassembled EVPS  and on underside of main charge board 2 yellow components have exploded, internal fuse inside AC housing fine. Can you advise please?

I converted a previous Vectrix to Leaf Cells with an ESD and used Laird firmware and that worked fine before. Am going to do the same with this bike but thought it would be nice to get it running with NiMH until Leaf cells arrive.

Best regards