VX-1 Conversion from NiMH to new Li-ion batteries SX-CONV

Special tools:

- battery lifting tool / holder - ST1201

- inrush limiter


- new battery pack (including BMS) - see http://shop.vectrixparts.com/category/batteries-battery-pack?horizontal

- Charger - BMS wire harness S02240

  1. Check charger compatibility with Li batteries - refer to SX-BC-CONV
  2. Remove NiMH battery - refer to S-ST-100000
  3. Remove Charger NiMH data harness - refer to SX-000209
  4. Install new Charger - BMS harness S02240 - refer to SX-02240
  5. Install CAN-Bus to MC connector - refer to SX-02240
  6. Install new Li battery:
    1. for LiFePO4 refer to
    2. for Li-ion Nissan Leaf refer to SX-LIMNNL
    3. for Li-ion Amita refer to
  7. Reassemble the bike - S-ST-100000
  8. Upgrade the firmware (charger, MC, ICM) !!Do not upgrade BMS firmware - battery comes with newest firmware!!
    1. for Li-ion (Leaf & Amita) - refer to 36S Li-ion
    2. for Li-Fe (GP and Valence) - refer to 40s LiFe battery
  9. Setup battery capacity via dashboard.
  10. Perform full charging with equalization (first EQ can take longer than usual).

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hello, Fran has a complete offer. BMs, charger ect that seem to be better than the originals. It seems Dugas firmwares causes a lot of charger breakdown. Fran's not. Never heard about problems.

Once you have the the Vectrix Diag app talking to your bike it is strongly recommended to take a note of the original firmware versions in case you need to roll back. The risky part is the Motor Controller firmware change, absolutely no disruption is allowed during the process. Should the image download fail in the middle there is no easy way to fix the MC (only by low level reprogramming the processor). Never broke for me though.

it seems that I have found a Runke, as soon as it arrives I start the work and I will certainly have other questions, if you like the forum I will publish the photos of the works for the moment thanks to all

Great, make sure it is V2.1 or V3 for Li-ion.

the works go on slowly but continue here are the cells ready to be welded i found a runke 2.1 okay the firmware that I find here in the forum for s36? 

Hello, Nice job. 21700?

About firmware, you can find the latest ones, checked by the bests brains about VX1:



Ask someone else if ok for 36.   I'm a simple archivist, not part of best brains!

The V2.1 charger is ok for Li-ion, let me check the proper firmware version (there are 60 and 120 Ah versions out there). Matching MC and BMS firmware versions will be needed as well. You must use a Vectrix BMS with the stock charger. The ICM firmware version is less relevant. 

thank you wich is the right one for my conversion? charger Runke 2.1 battey s36 50 AH 

Sorry for the delay, I will check tomorrow eventually which firmware set is the right one.

For the charger you can use the "EVPS LiMn 36s-2.hex" (< 60 Ah) or the "evpsli02last.hex" (< 120 Ah). For the MC I use the matching "MCR2042-4.hex" but the "MC_FRA20B01.hex" should work as well. On the ICM the generic "DIY_1708.hex" should be fine. The BMS firmware will depend on the hardware you have.

ok thank you very much i have the Fran bms only one question ? i dont see the software i think to install it sunday... can i set it to charge 50 AH not 60? my battery is 50H

Absolutely, you should set it to 50 Ah in order to have the SOC and as a result the range estimation working correctly. Even so you may need to adjust the charge level reading regularly as it tends to shift by time. With the Fran BMS you should be good, check the Fran directory on the Google share by Sylvain. I would strongly recommend to disconnect the charger and the BMS ftom the CAN bus when you change the MC firmware.

Thanks for the advice, better to do. the MC first?

The sequence does not really matter.

Good morning everyone this morning I start the conversion work I feed the scooter with the power supply and it does not turn on anymore help !!! I have not touched the scooter for 3 weeks and after changing the charger it turned on and I also marked the type of firmware today instead 0 I turn the key and nothing turns on what could have happened? what can I do ?

Check the battery voltage, should be at least 100-110 V.

120v and connected to the power supply the 200 amp fuse is good the strange thing I found in my controls is that the 12volt on the j22 connector between pin 2 and pin 3 is only 5 volts

I was wrong to write in the previous post pin 2 and pin 3 0 volt pin 4 and pin 12 (KEYSW + and -) 5 volt 

That is bad new since it must be 12V (output of the MC 150V/12V DC-DC converter).

Do you have about 6V on pin 12 when the bike is turned off ? That is the "ignition" floating voltage which should go to 0 volts when the ignition key is on or the charging has started. Also 12V should show up in this case on pins 3,6,7,9.

is it possible to check the fuses (the old ones soldered to the board) without disassembling the MC?

yes I did they are all ok

"yes I did they are all ok"...The voltages or the fuses ?

the fuse are ok the voltages no 

is there anyone who can fix it?

Does the "ignition" floating voltage on pin 12 falls to 0 volts when the ignition is on or the charging is started ?

I discovered another thing that seems strange to me the positive passes in the frame of the scooter

That is definitely a problem, should be fixed as the first step because this means the MC only has a few volts (maybe 30V if I am not mistaken) as high voltage input. Also these old NiMH batteries won't take you far, I assumed you would use Li-ion ref. your picture two weeks ago.


of course I have lithium batteries to fit that's what I wanted to do today but the scooter didn't turn on

anymore from 3 weeks ago ... i detached al connectors on the board and the positive stll on the frame, the positive from battery to fuse is ok so is the board i think it touch behind some where on the frame do you think is that possible ?

find it the brige, but the MC dont work anymore sure the dc to dc part dont work :(((

anyone can fix the MC? or have a MC board to sell ?

It is pretty hard to damage the MC, as long as it has 100+ volts on the HV input terminals and the ignition pins (4 and 12) on J22 are shorted there is a good chance it will give the 12V DC. Even if you find an MC on eBay they tend to be quite expensive in the range of 300-500 EURs. If it is really broken might be better to fix it.In this case the first step would be to remove it from the bike and test it on a bench with 120V DC.


ood morning everyone I update you on my troubles ... for reasons that I am not explaining the positive on the mc board and went to touch the frame and the scooter does not turn on anymore, I no longer have 12 volts on the j22 connector I replaced the dc dc but nothing has changed, I tried with the tester the current arrives at the input of the dc dc but not at the output (12 volts tested on the bench before mounting it works fine) reading on the forum I found the possibility to turn on the instrument panel by bridging the pins 1- 2 but this too had no effect, I noticed that right next to it there is R1 that seems burned, I have continuity from pin 1 to R1 but absolutely nothing after R1, it seems to me that it is part of the cirquito that gives the ignition to the dcdc but I'm not an electronic so I ask you for advice on what I can do, a big thank you to the whole community

Greetings to all, new episode, I had the MC board repaired and finally I mounted the battery and the bms loaded the firmware you indicated, I plug it in and finally I see the battery that charges after about 3 hours of charging, keeping d 'eye the cell voltages on the Diagnostic I see that some cells indicate 4.385 volts 3 -4 cells exceed the charging voltage indicated by the house (samsung) which is 4.2 volts Max, I wanted to ask if there is a way to correct this problem, or make the charger push less, are there any possible settings on the diagnostic or other?

Great you had the MC fixed, I assume the bike runs. Regarding the charging needless to say it is a very bad idea to exceed th 4.2V on any Li-ion cell. If the BMS talks to the CAN bus properly the values of the highest and lowest cell voltages should be displayed on the bottom LCD on the center display. Something like "hi 410" then "Lo 408". Without these the charger have no clue of the cell voltages and goes into "blindfolded" charging mode with constant 6A (60 km/h on the main display) which could lead to cell overcharging with the actual risk of thermal runaway.


I found these videos to enter the values the problem is that on my scooter when I scroll the parameters with the rear brake and press 3 times as in the video the cell parameter does not appear but the menu returns to delaythe firmware installedEVPS LiMn 36s-2.hex ICM is DIY_1708.hexMC_FRA20B01.hexwhen it loads in the small lcd display hi and low always mark 0Vectrix VX1, configuración del nivel de carga de la batería.

Your BMS is not sending the required values to the CAN bus. What type of BMS is it ?

The Fran BMS is basically the latest and best model available as far as I know. I think you should ask them why the 0x00FEF340 CAN messages could be missing (these are needed for the charger but also for the MC) while the 0x00FDF04x ones are present (these are for the individual cell voltage values displayed in the Diag software).

Question : in the Diag software do you see values displayed in the "Cell Voltages (Volts)" section in the last two rows "High" and "Low" ?

yes in the Diag software i see all 

Interesting. Could you check if the values are shown on the central display without charging ? In order to do this you need to switch the bike to diag mode by flipping the red kill switch on the right handle then pulling the left brake lever once.

I'll try tonight

i solved i changed the charger firmware from EVPS LiMn 36s-2.hex to "evpsli02last.hex  and now everything works

Glad to hear that...time for a ride I guess !

is there a guide that lists all the parameters and commands that can be set on the scooter from the scooter?

I only know the one to set the power of the charger and the maximum voltage of the cells. there are others ?

I think it is only the charging delay, the charging power and the max.cell voltage only which could be set this way.

On the other hand there are more parameters which could be set from the Diag software by sending custom CAN commands...let me find those for you this week ( haven't tested them myself to be honest ).

in addition to setting the maximum voltage and power of the charger, is there a way to set the amperes of battery capacity? if so how?

Thanks for your help

You are right, I remember I have set it mine that way..checking.

So there are actually 4 settings, charge delay (min), battery capacity (Ah), max. charging power (watts) and max. cell voltage (mV). In order to go to the setting mode : kill switch on then "S" button until you see "Charge delay" on the left display. Switch between the four settings is with the left brake lever. Change value with the throttle. Finally "S" button to set the given value then kill switch off. I have just tested it.

thank you very much 

Anytime. Let me mention the charger firmware is not 100% precise, sometimes you would need to adjust the battery level indicator after a few weeks as it tends to drift away from the actual value. In fact you can also use the diag mode on the bike even when you are riding (kill switch on > left brake lever >kill switch off) so you can actually see the lowest and highest cell voltages while in move. Based on the voltages you would always know precisely how full is your battery.


is still possible to get from somewhere Vectrix BMS for conversion as the parts website doesn't work? It can be box version or even old  on cells version.