Charger Types - compatibility with Lithium Batteries SX-BC-CONV

Vectrix VX-1 is equipped with 1.5kW onboard charger.

Since 2007 there were 3 types of chargers in use:

1. ESD (silver) charger with round connectors

2. ESD (silver) charger with square connectors

3. EVPS (Runke, gold) charger in various revisions (from 1.0 to 4.0)

EVPS (Runke) charger revision 1.9 or higher (2.0, 2.1, 2.1N, 3.0, 4.0) is fully compatible with BMS used in Lithium batteries. We recommend revision 3.0 or 4.0 as most reliable.

ESD chargers requaires bord modification - refer to ESD Charger Upgrade to Li

EVPS chargers earlier then 1.9 - for example 1.7 requaire controll board replacement - refer to EVPS Board 1.9

Chargers identification.

First step identyfication (ESD vs EVPS) can be performed without disassembling scooter:

ESD charger has aluminium housing in silver / gray color, double cooling fan and both connectors (AC and DC) on the bottom.

EVPS (Runke) Chargers have metal housing in gold color, single cooling fan and connectors on top:

ESD Charger revision is coded in the serial number of charger.

If serial number includes V20, V21 or V30 - this is the revision (2.0, 2.1, 3.0)

If serial number does not include letter V - it is requaired to open the charger housing and inspect controll board. Board compatible with Li software - 1.9 looks like this:

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I have a VX-1 Li 30Ah. I made a conversion with Samsung 18650 29E batteries, 36S36P.

My charger is a Runke gold revision 2.1 . Is it possible to re-use the original BMS? Is there for this

conversion a BMS wiring diagram? What kind of software do i need?

I send you some pictures and a excel sheet how this conversion looks like.



Yes you can use our VX-1 Universal BMS in Li-ion 36S configuration. If your bike was a NiMH before - you would need to replace also wire harness between charger and BMS box. Check here SX-02240. We can supply the harness between the cells and BMS or you can make it yourself using D-Sub 25 pin connectors and wires based on the wire-diagram.

Let me know if you need any further information on the system. BMS is programable via CAN - at this moment with pre-configured files (supplied for free), firmware for charger and MC is available here VX-1 Li-ion 36S Firmware package

Best Regards



I all ready have 4 x BMS board from former Li 30Ah pack. Do i need a full Universal BMS or can it be

done only with a BMS case and BMS adaptor + wire harness ?

Yes you can reuse the boards you have with our box/adaptor kit.

Roo, with the 200A fuse mounted in the middle of the pack you risk damaging part of the BMS if the fuse were to blow under load you would have almost full battery voltage (35 of the 36 cells) applied across one section of the BMS balance connections (module 18 or 19 depending upon which end of the fuse the balance lead is connected to).

I thought this is the same way as the former Li+ pack connections?

If you are using our BMS system - each 9 cells are on seperate circutes, without sharing ground of battery. (board 0 - cells 1-9, board 1 cells 10-18, board 2 cells 19-27, board 3 cells 28-36) and splitiing the pack in half (or in 4) doesn't affect / damage the BMS.


Thanks Piotr for clarifying the isolation between the 4 separate BMS boards, and I apologise if I have caused any unnecessary worries or confusion.

I was initially concerned that the position of the fuse could potentially cause damage to the BMS, I'm happy now that it can't.

No worries. I'm happy to share details of our technolog.

Hello Piotr

I`m living near Regensburg/Bayer

3 years ago i assembled 100AhLi to a Vectrix.

now i`m improving my (NMH)Vectrix to Lifepo4

I have Canbus adapter and Software.

i want to use orginal Charger. (45S~ 162V)

How to set Charging Parameters from 153V->162V

how to change Charging programm to IUA

have 40Ah LiFepo4

Own BMS (Load type)

want to Set MAX Voltage to 162V

miniumum Voltage 126V

How to to?

Thank You



Unfortunately charger with Lithium firmware (both LiFe and Li-ion) needs to communicate with BMS via CANBus. Othwerwise it won't work. The same with MC if upgraded with Li firmware.

For non CAN configuration - check visforvoltage and look for Laird firmware - it's based on NiMH so both charger and MC care only about the pack voltage - not cell voltage as our Lithium system.

I still reccomend you our BMS system - it's easy to damage battery if voltage is not controlled on the cell level. At least you need to protect the cells from overcharging (because it can blow/fire your battery) - so if you use your own BMS let it interrupt charging (by contactor for example) whenever any cell exceeds 4.25V


Dear Piotr,

We have two VX-1, year 2011. The batteries are weak, so we would like to upgrade them to Li. One of the charger doesn't work. We have a complete Nissan Leaf battery pack. Plese tell me, what else is neccesarry for this projekt from your shop?

Thank you,



If bikes where NiMH you need to buy BMS set and charger to BMS wire harness.

For leaf conversion we offer also battery box, harness and top PCB - all available in our online shop:

hello piotr

I have a vectrix vx1 li+ but my battery are died.

So I would like to transform my lifepo4 by cells panasonic NCR18650B.

My charger is a gold with serial V21, I have 4 BMS board with 10 connections Each for 10 cells.

Can I reused these BMS board with only 8 cells (36s and not 40s before with the lifepo4) and use your box adaptator following

Thanks a lot for your help


yes you can just cell 9 or 10 need to be shorted with the upper cell of the module.

Hello Mateo

Thanks for your feedback, In attachment, I have drown a battery modification, you are ok with this schematic ? Thanks clement

If you will use it with the adaptor board bought from us we can prepare the adaptor to suit you.

Generally - V10 and V9 has to connected to V8 (positive)


Hi Piotr,

I am trying to determine the compatibility of my charger and even though your tekst has already been very helpfull, it did leave me with a few questions.

You explicitly mention revisions and their different compatibilities for Runke chargers.
You also mention that there are two different ESD chargers and that ESD chargers require board modifications.
Then however you demonstrate how to identify the revision of ESD chargers and what boards are compatible with Li software - 1.9,
and in your webshop you sell ESD Silver Charger v2.0 for Ni and Li weighting 10KG as well as offer a service to upgrade the ESD charger to Li weighting 12KG.


- Are there stock ESD chargers that are compatible with both Ni and Li, or do only modded ESD chargers support both? (What ESD chargers are compatible with both NI and Li?)
- Is the 10 KG li + Ni capable ESD charger from your webshop a modded charger, and why is it 2 KG lighter then the original ESD charger that could be send to you for modding?



ESD chargers (silver with aluminium casting and double fan) - there are two types - round connectors and square connectors. There is no other difference between them. Both need a controll board upgrade to use with Li batteries. To be frank though, we don't reccomend them at all for Li batteries - at the last stage of charging, when cell balancing is done at the very low current (0.3A) ESD chargers sometimes freeze, sometimes fail completly.For NiMH batteries it is a great charger though - if housing is sealed with silicon it can last forever.

EVPS (Runke) chargers are in gold square box, with single fan - they were manufactured between 2009 and 2013 in vew revisions 1.5, 1.9, 2.0, 2.0N, 3.0, and there was a revision 3.0NFD  sold by us only. In general it is not a good quality charger, some power diodes on main board fail quite often, sometimes another few components around resulting with NO Ouput failure. We were selling these chargers afer reworking / upgrading them (added fuese on AC side, better diode, changed some resistor etc). We still have some stock of them - used mostly for older bikes / warranty purpose.Look for S00540 in our online shop ( - it comes with warranty and is upgraded to the best we coudl do with this hardware.

If you have Li scooter or planning conversion - we strongly reccomend new type of charger 3.3.kW TC charger - available in our shop online (S00541). It is not cheap but realy worth its price - fully enclosed IP67, manufactured in thousands for an electric cars, zero failure rate after selling over 200 of them, completly quite and double power (half time to charge) comparing to ESD/EVPS.

Is the picture above for using original bms-boards in 36s setup instead of 40s setup right?

I'm doing a similar conversion with samsung INR18650-25R cells.

Great resource this forum ;o)

Hi Gunther,

Yes, you can use original BMS boards in both configuration(36s and 40s). Differences are in connection and software configuration.

hello piotr or Mateo 

I have 2 questions :

- I cannot communicated with the ICM board (red in the diagnostic soft), it’s possible to send you the ICM board and reprogramming the PIC ? 

- I want convert the vx1 with 52Ah, but it’s possible to configure the charger with this power ? How I can configure the soft?

Thanks for your feedback



Yes you can send us the ICM board - we will try to repair it.

What charger do you have?

Hello Piotr 

Thanks for your feedback, but I have bought a pic debugger and I succeed to debug the ICM board.