Console Top Cover Trim Replacement S-XC-S00234

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the windshield. Refer to S-XC-S00286.
2. Remove the headlight. Refer to S-XC-S00092
3. Remove Front Fairings from both sides. Refer to S-XC-S10900 S10800
4. Remove the handlebar upper cover. Refer to S-XC-S00244
5. Remove the handlebar lower cover. Refer to S-XC-S00246
6. Remove the cover trim side screws (1).
7. Remove the cover trim top screws (2).

Image 56

8. Disconnect the Instrument Cluster Panel connector (1).

9. Remove the upper trim cover from the scooter.

Image 57

Installation Procedure

1. If the Instrument Cluster Panel was removed, install the Instrument Cluster Panel.

2. Install console top cover trim onto the scooter and align the lower panel trim tabs (1).

Image 58

3. Connect the Instrument Cluster Panel connector

4. Install both cover trim side screws (1).

5. Install both cover trim top screws (2).

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