Changing Gearbox Oil S-RW-GXOIL

Important: Ensure that the gearbox cover has had the modification to allow for adding gear oil. Inspect the cover for a reference mark (1) (shallow drilled indent) on the gearbox boss. Across from this mark should be a brake rotor bolt threaded hole with a hole drilled through the cover. If this modification has not been performed refer to Gearbox Modification.

Check wheel rim if there is no oil residue / spill. If you find - replace gearbox o-ring.

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  1. Locate the reference mark (1) on the gearbox cover boss.
  2. Rotate the wheel so that the reference mark is at the top and remove the brake rotor bolt (2) that is across from the mark.
  3. Place suitable container under the gearbox. Rotate the wheel so that the drain hole is at the bottom. Let the oil drain.
  4. Measure 80cc/80ml (2.71 oz) of NEW Castrol Optigear Synthetic X gear oil.
  5. Pour the gear oil into the gearbox through this brake rotor bolt hole (1).
    Important: Do not spill any of the oil on to the brake rotor or braking components. If it happens use brake cleaner spray (generously) to clean disc and pads.

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  6. Apply threadlock (Loctite Blue) to the threaded portion of the brake rotor bolt.

  7. Tighten the rotor bolt to 20 N•m (15 lb ft)

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Hi, How often have to change the oil? Does the change depends on the time unchanged and km or only the km? My bike date are from october 2007 and have 7.500 km and oil never have been changed.



My bike have now 75.000 km and I had changed the oil when I baught the bike in may 2012 with 9000 km.

Like me you can add 5 ml additive warmup gold:

And after that forget the noise from the gearbox.

Thanks a lot, it like very good, I think I will buy these additive. Warm up said:

  • standard motor (4 to 6 liters of oil): 1 bottle of 250ml.
  • Other engines: 5%.
  • mechanical gearbox: 5%.
  • Transmission and steering: 3%. Differential: 10%. Mix fat: 10%.

So, Do you think maybe I must add 3%, 5 % or 10 % of 80cc/ml? 5 ml of warm up is abut 6 % Sorry for my english, Thanks.



I add 5 ml or perhaps 10 ml, just a few ml and a life of your gearbox will be longer and without noise.
try and adopt.

No more Expansive to one gear box, you add just a few milliliter in your oil, tranquillity and quiet have no price


No more Expansive to one gear box, you add just a few milliliter in your oil, tranquility and quiet have no price

Hello, is it possible to have a list of recommended oil for gear box? Or recommeded propierties of the oil (SAE 70W90)?

Thanks in advance

Castrol Optigear Synthetic X gear oil


Castrol Optigear Synthetic X gear oil is an industrial product only available to industrial customers.  What is the closest compatible product that you can buy retail in the USA?