VX-1 Li/Li+ Firmware - 40s LiFe battery

The newest (2015) package of firmware for all VX-1 equipped with oryginal Li/Li+ battery or one of our Valence based 40s LiFePO4 packs - VX-1 Li Firmware Package (40s LiFe rev 3_ 2015)

Firmware packaged has to be dowloaded, unzip. To upload it to the bike you need Diagnostic Application and Diagnostic Cable.

Before uploading check what revision is installed on your BMS. If you can't read it (red field with N/A) - you may have old revision without CANBus bootloader - contact us.

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My Vectrix started suffering from the problem described here:

Basically, it interrupts power momentarily, which causes me massive chills!, and then it continues with reduced power and the yellow wrench lighted up. Has soon as I stop, the red battery light comes on.

According the latest comments in the mentioned thread, the MC firmware version here contained still has the described bug, i.e., the MC cooling fans do not restart after the 'UpRst' error.

Where can I get the a MC firmware without this bug ?

Thank you,

Ricardo de Matos


I'll post new firmware on Monday 6th May


i did not have this problem before but now two times within the last three weeks.

Where can i get this new Firmware wich solves this problem?



Do you have a compatible firmware for the ESD Charger?

Many thanks