Installation of Li-ion battery - 8kWh - 13kWh Amita Pack - SX-LIMNAM

emove old battery.

For NiMH to Li-ion conversion - refer to SX-CONV

For Li/Li+ oryginal GP battery replacement - refer to

  1. Replace positive and negative power cables on motor controller with new (longer) cables. One side has M5 ring (this is for MC) another has M8 ring - this is for battery.
  2. Install front pack (Amita packs are identical - front and rear) in the vehicle (using lift tool). Push it forward to the end of compartment
  3. Install rear pack in the vehicle.
  4. Connect negative power cable to negative terminal of front pack on the ride side of the bik
  5. Install the positive cable to positive terminal of front pack on the ride side of the bike.
  6. Install the battery to BMS patch (front and rear)
  7. Using inrush current limiter (or 110V 35W bulb or 100kOhm 5W resistor) connected between front pack positive terminal and rear pack negative terminal - charge the MC capacitors.
  8. With inrush limiter still connected install supplied fuse between the packs. Disconnect inrush limiter. Tie cables using supplied zip tie holders.
  9. Place the BMS box on top of rear battery pack. There is a rivet on the lid of rear pack matching a hole in BMS housing to align. BMS box has double side adhesive tape on bottom..
  10. Connect the battery to BMS patch and Charger to BMS harness.

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