Handlebar Lower Cover Replacement S-XC-S00246

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the upper handlebar cover. Refer to S-XC-S00244
2. Remove the lower cover screw (1).

3. Mark the steering fork tube stem in place of the clamp slit opening (for reference when assembling it back) (2).
4. Remove the handlebar lower clamp bolt (3).

Image 54

5. Using a flat bladed tool carefully spread open the handlebar lower clamp enough to lift up the handlebar.

6. Remove the lower handlebar cover from under the elevated handlebar and clamp.

Installation Procedure

1. Remove any rust or corrosion from the steering stem.ry prior to cleaning.

2. Clean the steering stem with a clean cloth (you may use aceton or alcohol).

3. Install the lower handlebar cover onto front fork stem
4. Slide down the handlebar lower clamp, ensure that alignment mark (2) is lined up with the slit opening.

5. Install the handlebar lower clamp bolt (3). Tighten Handlebar lower clamp bolt to 37 N•m (27 lb ft).

6. Install the lower handlebar cover screw (1).

Image 55

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