Regen Throttle Sensor Adjustment

Throttle Adjustment Procedure:

1. Remove the right side handlebar cap (weight) by turning it counter-clockwise. If very tight use rubber strap or belt.

2. Look inside the handlebar tube - there will be plastic magnet holder with a groove to turn it by screwdriver.

3. Use big enough flat screwdriver to not damage the groove.

4. Turn the magnet holder in (clockwise)- till you fill holder touching the sensor board (don't over turn it - you may damage the sensor), then turn it out 1 (one) full turn.

If you use diagnostic application continue with point 5 if not jump to point 9

5. Connect diagnostic cable, open diagnostic application, go to Data Summary page.

6. Turn ON ignition, switch kill in STOP position

7. Read the throttle position value - perfect neutral is 625 (615-639 acceptable).

8. Slowly turn the magnet holder out (counter-clockwise) till reach desired value.

If you don't have diagnostic cable

9. Squeeze the left side brake lever and using a rubber band or wire strap secure the lever in the squeezed position. Observe speedometer needle position - it will show current setup

10. Squeeze the right side brake lever and check the needle - this is desired position (near 42kmh mark). Release the right brake lever when adjusting.

11. Turn the magnet holder to reach the same position (near 42 kmh mark)

If value correct - put the kill switch in RIDE position and check if you can get READY / GO

If yes - install back the end cap.

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Did you have the Regen Throttle Sensor for the VX-2 as a Vectrix part to buy on your shop? Is it the same one as for the VX-1? I think I have broke mine..

Is this the right one I need?

Or the complete one?

Would be nice to know if that is the right one for the VX-2.

Best regards,