Step Through Panel Replacement S-XC-S00168

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the front seat. Refer to S-XC-S00283

2. Remove the front rubber footpads (1) by pulling up to release the tabs.

Image 92

3. Remove the rear rubber footpads

Image 93

4. Remove Cheek to Footrest Transition on both sides (small black panels above passenger footrest).

Image 409

5. Remove the step through panel screws (1)

Image 94

Image 95

6. Lift up on back of step through panel and remove washer shims (1).

7. Push down lightly on the front of the step through panel, and pull up on the rear of the step through panel to remove.

8. Remove the step through panel (2) from the scooter.

Image 96

Installation Procedure

1. Hook the front step through panel under the front panels (3).
2. Align the washer shims under the step through panel (1).

Image 97

3. Install the step through panel screws

4. Install the cheek to footrest transition (left and right)

5. Install the rubber footpads (you may use silicon to hold them in place - smear it on the tabs only)

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