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When complex pack of firmware and setup with instruction? Thanks


My vectrix have yellow key on and dashboard said CAPCurr, I think a fusible of MC is wrong. Could be other thing? Can I drive slowly with this error or better don´t drive. Thanks

Will be a new software scooterdiagnostic or firmware to the forum? 10 months ago Matteo said:


2 month, we are making completely new diag application"


It is a fantastic news, When will be out aproximaly final version? Thanks!!

I think many bug resolution and new features must be published. Vectrix users are blind, with out information about new firmware. :C

So new firmware is not free, not? When update a new one, Will we have to paid again? What are news features?

😑Ups, so new firmware not will be download in this page? What are news? Are the stable(not bug)?

I think you problem is worse. My problem is only take about 20 seconds to update real voltage in dash. Maybe with new firmware will be fix, I don´t know.


I attached photo:

In the Dash you can see Hi is 3.85 and low is 3.65 but it is not real. In scootdiag Hi and low are 3.85🤔. It takes a long time to update on the Dash, about 20 seconds. I have a video and .cel recorded at same time where you can see it. I have send to Anna

In the .cel of the scootdiag record not low of 3.75. They are all between 3.85-3.75

Maybe a firmware bug?

I have new bms and PCB harness.