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Yep, I saw indeed ! Thanks a lot. Crossing fingers. That machine was riding beautifully and I miss it! 

Being an electromechanical engineer building electric motorcycles myself as a side job, I'm 100% sure the board was handled properly and all electrical connections properly and safely inspected and tested during the battery swap process (plus in the middle of upgrading the 4 firmwares, before the MC one failed, I had a perfect display of all my cells voltages and temperatures in the diagnostic software)

Do you have any idea of what may have happened to mess up the encoder readout circuit, being hardware or firmware/software related??


Following the bricking of my motor controller during update to the latest firmware, I took contact by mail with your services and sent the unit to the factory for low level reprogramming according to the very quick and efficient answer I received. Problem is: nobody is answering my mails and I cannot get an update on the topic... I have events foreseen soon with the (beloved) bike and I really need my controller back! Kzysztof, any way you could check that??

NB: I only found out to late, reading online forums, that the controller was very susceptible to bricking during update... Maybe put a warning on this page would be useful? :-D