Vectrix VX Li stoped charging

ironi 2 years ago updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 2 years ago 1


I recently bought a Vectrix VX-1 Li (probably NOT Li +). Unfortunately, the scooter does not charge. The battery was completely empty (15V total) and so I load seperatly the four sections (4x10 = 40 cells) to about 34V. Overall, I now have a voltage of 130V. However, one single cell still has 0V. The rest of the cells seem to hold the load.
When I plug in the normal charging cable, nothing moves at all. When I turn the ignition key, the light switches on, the tachometer needle fully rotates and falls back (starting process ok). After that, the following errors:
"no ts"
"Lo 000"
"Lo Cell"
"hi 000"
"no fef3"
The fans above the battery start to turn and do not stop, even when the scooter is switched off. Some LEDs flash on the BMS on the cells. The big battery sign appears in the display, but 0% battery. Also, the remaining range is always indicated with "0 Miles". I've disconnected the charger from the battery to the battery several times and the charger to the 230V AC. No change at all.

My Questions:
1. Is the charger (EVPS Runk gold V30) defective? 230V AC is at the charger, also the 130V DC reach the charger.
2. Or could the dead cell be a problem?
3. Can I just short dead cell? So let's put it in and put a piece of metal over the cell?
4. other good hints?

Thank you for any help

Gold charger need to have some voltage to start charging, otherwise it wont let you. After charging to 130V does EVPS starting itself?

Dead cell won't let you to equalize battery, after charging it may have ~2.6V but it will drop quite fast.

To replace it you should sent it to us. I don't know what version you have, but for sure - we don't recommend DIY solution.