VX-1 not turning on at all

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I have the VX-1 the problem I am having is that it’s not turning on or showing any kind of sign that it has power but I did notice  every time I plugged it in every time I plugged it in it made a clicking noise/ humming I think then stopped few seconds later and the other thing is ESD Sliver Charger the big board in the front of scooter I think it’s called. It was getting hot and the fans didn’t turn on. I think this board has something to do with but I have no idea. It would be much appreciated if someone can help me with this problem.

And also there was burning smell when I plugged it in

Seems like your charger got damaged. How old is your scooter? and what type of battery you have?

I got the scooter from someone and I have no idea how old it is and I will have to wait until I get home to tell what battery it is. If it is the charger would there be another to turn it on?

It’s demo scooter if I forgot to mention

replacing it would be enough. Do you have can-usb adapter?

No unfortunately I figured asking you guys could help me

Would I replace the wire or the box

I mean what would I replace

replacing whole BC, send it to us, we will inspect the issue and tell you what to do.

Can you send me link of what the BC looks like?

I’m from the united states by the way

Wait a minute couldn’t I just hook up external battery charger to the batteries or it won’t work?

I’m not sure what you mean by BC I’m assuming you mean battery charger

Yes, it is a battery charger (even the one you linked). I don't recommend connecting external battery charger on your own.

I really need to know what type of battery you have. 

I don’t know how to tell what batteries they are. But there sticker with number on the batteries I’m assuming that’s number to it. The number is C3008070310000711

i can give a picture if that helps

Yes, please send me picture, i will help a lot.

in this battery you cannot connect battery charger on yourself. Best would be to buy the one you linked me, and replace broken one.

Do you guys happen to sell the battery charger for cheaper?

Or could I fix something inside the broken box I already have

98% you won't be able ( depends what was broken, but for sure we won't provide any spare parts for silver charger, it's very old project). Unfortunately, there is no plans to sell them cheaper.

Would there be fuses in there I hope

there are but from our experience PCB gave up life with some components on it.

Hi all, I repaired my vectrix VX-1 by changing both rear and front temperature sensors and repairing some battery cells. after connecting battery pack dashboard is completely off. I bought vectrix not working so I don't know how can I solve the issue.

is there some check I should do?



Hi Tommaso,

  Do you have access to the motor controller ? If yes, you may need to verify the battery voltage (on the screw contact terminals). In case you have 120+ volts then you could try to turn on the 12 volt power supply by shorting 2 adjacent pins on the PS enablement 4 pin connector on the top.

/ Azzuro

Hi Azzuro, yes, battery voltage on the screw contact terminals is 125V and I checked also battery voltage on 

J1P Motor Controller Power from black to red I measured 120V.  where can I find 2 adiacent pins on the PS connector?

You may need to remove the perforated metal cover to have a better view and see that connector.(by disconnecting the battery terminals first then the other cables. Needless to say when the battery voltage is reconnected you need a light bulb to balance the voltages between the pack and the MC (supercapacitors). The 4 pin connector will be at the bottom left of the MC based on your picture. You can also check the 150 (or 200 A) fuse at the + battery terminal.

As in the picture?

shorting two pins, connecting the batteries I should have dashboard working?

Right at the red marking, two adjacent pins (pins 1-3 and 2-4 are identical) so for example connect 1 and 2. This should enable the 12V power supply for the ICM and the display. It is safe to do it, I used it myself. You may also need to check the large white Littelfuse fuse at the BATT+ terminal.

Hi all, sorry to bother you again, I shorted pin 1-2 and dashboard is on. what should I do now? ignition key has no effect on dashboard, Horn switch does not work, lights are off, i can only change time and km/miles on display nothing else. I think charger is not working but I have some doubts because vx1 is not completely assembled. please kindly check the following picture:

Yes, this looks good because it shows a few things :

> The 12V power supply on the motor controller is working, this also means the fuses for basic functions are ok.

> The motor controller processor is working since it sends the odometer value over the CAN bus

> Basic functions on the ICM (interface controller, small metal bok above the front lamp) and the display are good as well since they receive the mileage value and display it correctly. Overall the CAN bus should work in the scooter.

The charger is not needed for the VX-1 to work, it has only roles when charging and calculating battery charge level.

As the next step you may wish to check if the ignition switch itself is ok. There are two ways to do it (1) by removing the plastic covers around the switch or (2) by removing the perforated metal cover from the motor controller to have access to the two wires.

/ Azzuro

Hi all, I would like to know if I need to connect  cables to the battery and to the rear battery sensor as in the image below and according the following schema:

how much do a battery cost

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