Jakub 2 years ago updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 1 year ago 2

Hi, I have left You a private message about PCAN interface I wanted to purchase. I had no response so far. Also I was asking about conversion to Leaf batteries and what it entails. As everybody would agree it is about affordability when it comes to potential buyers. So if anybody has a VX1 in UK and wants to convert to Leaf modules I would be more than happy to split a whole battery with them - whole one costs about 3000 GBP delivered to door and it can easily supply two VX1's and there will be some spare modules left :) 

Anybody  there?

I think it would be kind to offer potential customers some help.

Also I believe that it could help promote Vectrixes among people if they had become more affordable.

But obviously I am no expert.

The choice is Yours, Gentlemen :)

Please send me PM about can interface you were talking about. I literally have no sign of your email.