Vectrix vx-1 Li-on conversion

anonymous 5 years ago updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 5 years ago 2

Hi from Spain.I have two vectrix that have the original Nimh pack.I'm planning on converting to Li-on, I have a few thousand cells I am begining to solder them with a spot welder.The thing is that those bikes have the runke charger, and cause the pack will be 27 kwh, I need a BMS and a TC charger.So my question is..., ¿If i purchase the charger and the BMS how i programme it?¿If a purchase everything from your website, vectrix parts will give instructions?


It seems vectrixparts isn't very active on here anymore. Maybe better write them an e-mail.


If you give us configurations in which you want it to be programmed we can try to prepare firmware for you. Contact me directly please.