Gearbox Cover Replacement S-XC-GRBXCV

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the right side swingarm. Refer to S-XC-S00023.
2. Remove the rear wheel from the hub. Refer to S-XC-S00013
3. Place a suitable container (for oil) under the gearbox. Remove the 6 gearbox cover bolts (1).

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4. Remove the cover from the gearbox. If the cover does not come off easily, install 3 of the cover bolts into the threaded service holes (1) and evenly tighten the bolts to loosen the gearbox cover. Drain the lubricant into the container.

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5. Inspect the bottom of the gearbox housing for excessive metal particle accumulation. This accumulation is an indication of extreme wear. Teardown of the gearbox assembly may be needed to determine the cause.
Inspection Procedure

• Inspect the gearbox cover bearing. The surfaces of the bearing race and rollers should be a little textured, but no chatter marks (called brinelling) or obvious wear. The bearing should have no blue metal from overheating caused by a lack of lubrication.
• Replace the bearing assembly if any of the following conditions exist:
- Roughness of rotation
- Burrs
- Pitted condition

• Inspect the gearbox axle seal. Replace the gearbox axle seal if any of the following conditions exist:
- An improperly installed seal

- A distorted seal
- A worn seal

- A brittle lip seal
- A hardened seal lip

• Inspect the gearbox cover. Replace the gearbox cover if any of the following conditions exist:
- Cracks

- Damaged threads
- Burrs

- Nicked mounting surface
- Damaged sealing surface

Installation Procedure

Important: Ensure that the gearbox cover has had the modification to allow for adding gear oil. Inspect the cover for a reference mark (1) (shallow drilled indent) on the gearbox boss. Across from this mark should be a brake rotor bolt threaded hole with a hole drilled through the cover. If this modification has not been performed refer to Gearbox Modification

  1. Lubricate the gearbox cover seal with clean gear oil.
  2. Install the o-ring seal into the groove on the gearbox housing.
  3. Install the gearbox cover onto the gearbox housing, ensure that the o-ring seal is within the gearbox housing groove.
  4. Apply threadlock (Loctite Blue 248) to the threaded portion of the bolts, and install the bolts (1).Tighten cover bolts to 18 N•m (13 lb ft).
  5. Fill the gearbox with gear oil. Refer to S-RW-GXOIL
  6. Install the rear wheel onto the hub.
  7. Install the right side swingarm.

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