Rear Wheel Replacement S-XC-S00013

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove brake side swingarm - refer to S-XC-S00023
  2. Remove the wheel nuts (1) from the hub

    Image 449
  3. Remove the wheel from the hub.\

Installation Procedure

Important: Whenever the wheel has been separated from the hub flange, any rust or contaminants must be cleaned from the hub flange and the wheel mating surfaces. Failure to do this may result in excessive assembled lateral runout (LRO) of the wheel, which could lead to a shimmy or vibration.

  1. Inspect the wheel and hub flange surface (1) for rust or contamination.

    Image 450
    Caution: The rear wheel nuts have a tapered edge (1) and must be installed toward the wheel assembly. These tapered edge nuts must not be replaced with a non-tapered nut. If non-tapered nuts are used, it could cause the wheel to come off when the scooter is moving. This could cause loss of control and possibly personal injury.

    Image 451

  2. Install the wheel nuts (1) onto the flange tabs. Tighten wheel nuts to 23 N•m (17 lb ft)
  3. Install the brake side swingarm.

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