Vectrix Diagnostic Application

Diagnostic application - works with CANBus/USB converter (diagnostic cable). Must have for all dealers and DIY VX-1 owners. It is Windows based application, works on XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (we didn't test it on 10 yet)

Before installation check what system you are running (32 or 64 bit) - here is explained how

For 32 bit system download this file - Vectrix Diagnostic for 32 bit Windows

For 64 bit system download this file - Vectrix Diagnostic for 64 bit Windows

Here basic manual of diagnostic - Vectrix Diagnostic Manual

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Hello ,in the vectrix diagnostic program What function does the tab "Start Bms Stimulus"?Thank you.


thank you for your e-mail.

Is used during the programming of the bms, or to let the bms tranmitt data when disconnected from motor controller, is it a command equivalent to”START BMS DATA TRANSMISSION”

Not to be used from regular dealer.

Hope it makes sense,


Mine is 2.1bdoes not have a start bms stimulus


I have a different diag version, which do u recomend also diffrrent firmwares

There are few versions of diagnostic - one on portal is the latest released by Vectrix. For NiMH bikes there are older versions (before 2011) which have some functions specyfic for Ni system


Hello Piotr,

I think the software does not work on win 8 and 10.

Launching the application window appears with Vectrix logo, but nothing more.

What am I doing wrong??



For me works fine with both Windows.

Will this software diagnose charger and fuse problems?


It may help to diagnose, and will be requaired to update firmware if you fix the hardware.

To run the diagnostics program, I must put the charger back in the bike first, then connect my CANBUS device to the bike and to my PC? The program will tell me what is wrong with the charger? I opened up the charger and did not see any fuses or see or smell anything that looked burned up or swollen. The bike stopped charging after the charging cord plug shorted out. I replaced the plug but nothing happens when i plug it in. I have been using a heavy gauge extension cord to charge the bike for over a year with no problems. Also, does the charger sense 115V or 240V and adapt to either voltage? I have a 240V adapter cable with a 115V socket on it that works to charge my 2016 Volt. If I get the Vectrix charging again, can I plug it in to the 240V circuit to charge faster? Thanks for all the help and support. It is very scary to own a Vectrix in the U.S. with the only support coming from you guys in another country!


Yes. To diagnose the issue with charger it has to be in the bike, diagnostic cable connected to bike and PC. Charger works on any voltage between 110-250AC.

If the problem happened after the AC cable was shorted - most probably you have damaged the AC filter module, if it's a gold Runke charger.(look here Charger Types - compatibility with Lithium Batteries SX-BC-CONV) you can fix it. If it is silver ESD charger - I'm afraid you will need new charger.


I have silver ESD charger. Does that charger include an onboard BMS? I work with some electrical engineers who think we could rig up an aftermarket charger for the batteries. They asked me for the Li-ion battery pack specs: volts, amps, KWH, etc. Thanks!


So the charger is gone. You need a new one. Vectrix charges does much more then charging - in fact it manage almost entire display of the bike (dashboard), handles the trouble codes, communicates with motor controller, ICM and BMS (in Li version) or Temp Sens (in NiMH) version. Regards

Does the bike need to be powered on to run the CANBUS cable and diagnostic programs? If I buy a new charger from you guys and plug it into the bike and it still does not charge, can I return the charger? How much is a new charger including shipping to San Diego, CA? Thanks!

Can the charger be repaired?

What is your return policy if I buy this replacement charger for my VX-1 Lithium+ and I install it and the bike does not charge? Do you want my current charger as an exchange? 

The two black wires on the 115V three-prong U.S. charging cord plug shorted out and burned out the plug. I replaced the plug and the bike no longer charges. I removed the charger, opened the case, no fuse or obvious shorts or burned components. My concern is that I don't know if it is the charger or some other electronic component on the bike, like a fuse somewhere else besides the charger. Also, my batteries have dropped to almost zero. 


Hello DanDiego, Perhaps that your problem is on the MC, and I think that you have burned one little fuse near the white plug the center fuse. For test you must unplug the battery connector, remove the MC board and unsoldering the fuse. For replug the battery you must use one bulb lampe if you don't want burned the fuse again.
You can use one car fuse like this:

Be careful with the power from the battery.

Thanks Armand. I don't quite understand about using one bulb lamp to replug the battery. So if the fuse is bad, I replace it, and then when I plug in the battery again, am I turning on the headlight, is that the bulb lamp you mean?

You must use the bulb lampe or special limiter plug before connect the battery if you don't want to blow the fuse again, like this:

Lampe Bulbe

Use a special gloves for working in your battery area and not like me.

Bests regards


Since you are located in US, where we don't have any dealer at the moment, you can try to contact David Dugas (ex EE Vectrix) - 508 212 7236. Although he lives on east coast, he may know somebody in south CA capable to work on VX-1 and with his help you diagnose the bike.

The blowed little fuse is one on the three black plastic, the center fuse.

DanDiego i can pobably help you can msg me at 9725339330



If I buy this adapter cable to the scooter vx-2


more diagnostic cable

can do the speed upgrade from 28 to 40 mhp?


The firmware is included in the diagnostic cable?



Changing the speed setup is in most of the countries illegal.

But yes you can upload the 40mph firmware to the bike using the CAN cable.


i try ran Vectrix diagnostic but the software doesn't run..

I have windows 10.

I install the peak can bus drivers and turn of the antivirus and firewall.

But nothing results..

Any suggestion?



That's correct. On most W10 diagnostic won't work (suprysingly it works on some english versions).

We use virtual machine and install Windows XP on it - there is a version which can run even on USB memory stick.

We are working already on new version of diagnostic.

After create the Windows XP at the VM it's  mandatory to Install the DotNet 4.0. 

Thanks Piotr,

I instal a virtual machine with win Xp 64bits, the aplications install with sucess, but the vectrix icon (to run the aplication) doesn t appear..

Type in the windows search bar vectrixdiagnostics - when you find location do right click, create shortcut and copy / paste it on the desktop


I have a problem which I need some help with. I had a problem with temp sensors, and decided to install the "no sensors" version of the charger firmware.

So I've just tried to re-flash the ESD charger in my VX-1 Nimh. I followed the detailed instructions to the letter, and all went well until I clicked the PROGRAM button to install the no temp sensor version of the Laird firmware into the charger. Then I got the message "Transfer Failed to VX1 Ni Vehicle Charger". As suggested I left the bike on, and restarted the laptop and ScooterDiag and retried. Same result. Ultimately had no choice but to shut things down.

Now when I turn on the bike all is fine, except solid red battery because its very low, and I get a GO, bike moves etc. However when I plug in and turn on the mains to charge I get no action at all from the charger. No fans, no lights, no dashboard indications. When I run scooterdiag both the charge and temperature panels are red, but otherwise no faults shown.

Anyone have any clue where I go from here?


What do you mean by "no sensors' firmware?

It looks for me like you have programmed the ESD charger with EVPS firmware.

I'll ask Matteo to assist you.


Finally got my hands on a canbus adaptor, installed the diag app, it actually runs on a windows 10.

When i start up i get a notice 'Read Dat File Min Cell Voltage Parse Error', then 'Read Dat File Max Cell Voltage Parse Error', then 'Access to the path 'C:\Program files\VectrixCorporation\VectrixDiagnosticsGUI64\VectrixdiagnosticsToolMasterDatafile.xml' is denied', but the application opens and runs.

I installed it because i did a conversion from a LiFePO4 40S pack that has deceased to a 36S Li-ion pack and i have encountered some bizar problems.

Planning to use the original BMS boards, but the strange thing is that the moment i connect a BMS-board to the pack only on + and - side, it starts to heat up decharging the battery.  Even with the individual cells not connected i get voltage readings, while they are not connected (?).

With BMS not connected, no readings, only crosses (seems normal) and a correct MC-voltage reading in diag app.

With BMS connected, only with the neg : readings of 6,143V on all cells, MC-voltage still correct.

With BMS connected to both + en - : readings of 5,379 on cells 5 tot 7, the rest of the cells read 0,xxxx, MC voltage drops a few volts and the 4 BMS-boards start to heat up.

Changing the cell min and max voltages freezes the app upon update.

Is the app not working properly with WIN 10 due to notices upon opening the program or am i having a major problem with the scoot?  Outdated software or hardware problem? I haven't got a clue for the moment.

BC firmware R8004-42.

MC firmware R2034.

ICM firmware 1008.


Any advice much appreciated...

Hi, I’m looking for the Vx-2 firmware that permit the 40mph.

Can you help me?

Best regards


My Battery Charger Firmware is R8011-42 !

Is it the last one  for a Vectrix VX1 Li 42H 40S ?

Best regards

Hi All,

I have downloaded the diagnostics software and have tried in both XP and Windows 7, but get the 'CAN BUS inactive' at the top right in red.

I purchased a PEAK PCAN-USB Pro device (IPEH-002061) - the PC can see the device and you can see it in 'pcan view' software from PEAK.

Any ideas why this is not working? The bike had a flat battery, I got the voltage high enough for the bike to start self-charging, managed to ride it for 12 miles before the battery was nearly flat and went to re-charge again - will not charge... The bike lights up as though to acknowledge the charger and then switches off.

Pulling the left brake with the kill switch off no longer displays battery voltage either unless i disconnect the rear temperature sensors. Something strange but hoping to diagnose with the software once I can get it running.

Any help appreciated, thanks!


You should see CAN-Adaptor like this:

If not, you should install driver from here:


I installed the program on windows 7

I am usign the driver you suggested and peak usb-can adapter

Running the program I have the message: "Error Inizializing PCAN Basic" and I can not reach "CAN Bus Active" state

How can I solve this problem?



I solved the first problem but still the program can not stay in "CAN Bus Active" state

I see "CAN Bus Active" for few seconds and then it turned into "Can Bus Inactive"

I am using the PEAK CAN-USB adapter and the ST1211 VX2 Diagnostic Adaptor

I have a Vx2

How can I use the program?

I am having an issue charging my Vetrix...when I plug it in to charge  absolutely nothing charging indicator on dash or anything else....what am I doing wrong or what could problem be

Hello Dave.

Did you find a solution for your charging problem?

I'm having a similar problem with my VX-1 and I couldn't find a solution yet. After some issues with the BMS (temp. sensors) the charger refuses to charge. It is most likely that the problem is only motivated by an incorrect battery temperature information but I'm not sure because I didn't receive yet the new BMS for replacement.

If you found a solution for your problem, please let me know. Thanks!

Howdy folks, hoping this channel is still monitored.

I have Version and I'm trying to run it on W10 Pro (21H2).

I've the latest Peak drivers (

Process I'm following is to plug in and connect the peak interface to an old VX-1(NiMh firmware) with ignition off.

I'm then opening VDiag before turning on the ignition.

Once the software opens it, naturally comes up without an active canbus and is stable, navigable, and appears to do what it should.

As soon as I turn on the ignition however, I get to see the Canbus go active, most of the red turns to green, and then the software exits with no debug terminal or anything. It just shuts down.

I've tried running in compatibility mode all the way back to XP-SP3 and the behaviour remains consistent.

Any suggestions?



I think it is only compatible with widows 7


It works for me on Win 10 as well. However based on my experience the problem is the Diag application tends to crash in case it sees "unusual" CAN messages from the Vectrix - usually a broken firmware on the charger is the cause.

Thanks - shall unplug the charger and see that difference that makes.

Bingo - charger was the problem. Very much appreciated Azzuro!

Sure Seán :)

Where can I post VX-1 parts and logo items I want to sell? Thanks! 

maybe on vectrix worldwide whatsapp 

Thanks. Did not find that on whatsapp, only ebay.