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Ok I have now ordered a new cell!

How much does the cheapest Li-ion complete kit cost?

I would like to thank you for good information as well

Nu har jag balanserat alla celler till 1,38volt utan en som plötsligt dog för mig.

I morgon ska jag testa hur långt jag kommer till 138,6 volt.

Finns det något problem att köra med en dödcell?

There were no dead cells.

Battery cells are balanced to 1.2 volts.

However, some cells dropped very fast to 1.0 volts in 10 minutes.

Can I discharge these to 0.5 volts and balance them until they have been stabilized to 1.2 volts?

I have checked the voltage with the multimeter, one by one.

all cells are between 1.1 and 1.4 volts

jag har kontrollerat späningen med multimetern, en efter en.

alla celler ligger mellan 1.1 och 1.4 volt

How can I test my NiMH battery to see which ones are not good and which ones are good?