Battery Charger Replacement S-XC-S00540

Notice: There are two different charger connector configurations, round connector (early ESD charger) and square connector (ESD charger and EVPS / Runke charger).

Caution: Charger is connected to the battery - HIGH VOLTAGE RISK!

Removal Procedure

  1. Remove the windshield. Refer to S-XC-S00286
  2. Remove the right front fairing panel. Refer to S-XC-S10900 S10800
  3. Disconnect the charger AC cable and DC cables:
    1. round connectors: Twist the collar of the connector (1) and pull apart.

      Image 68

    2. square connectors: Lift up on the metal connector retainers (1)

      Image 69Image 70

  4. Remove the 3 lower battery charger bolts (1).
  5. Remove the upper battery charger bolt (2).

ESD ChargerImage 66

6. Remove the charger data connector (square on top, with violet clip) by pulling out the retainer (1).

Image 67

7. Remove the battery charger from the scooter.

Installation Procedure

  1. Ensure that the charger connectors (1) are clean, pins not corroded, you may use electrical grease. Check if the ground connections bolts (2) are tight. Image 71
  2. Install the upper battery charger connector and secure by pushing down on the retainer
  3. Install the upper battery charger bolt (apply blue Loctite)
  4. Install and secure the AC cable connector and DC cable connector
  5. Install charger lower bolts (apply blue Loctite)
  6. Tighten all 4 bolts to 4 N•m (35 lb in)

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How can I test my NiMH battery to see which ones are not good and which ones are good?


Just to be sure. You probably have ~10 years old scooter?

Without BMS only way to check voltages is to open the bike and measure it with the multimeter, one by one.

If your scooter is equipped with BMS you can use CAN Adapter and use our diagnostic.

jag har kontrollerat späningen med multimetern, en efter en.

alla celler ligger mellan 1.1 och 1.4 volt

I have checked the voltage with the multimeter, one by one.

all cells are between 1.1 and 1.4 volts

voltage is very fine, but it would be great if you balance every cell to the same voltage value.

Because you don't have BMS there is no easy way to do it.

You Could handle it using some sort of "power lab" device or connect every single cell in paralel and then charge to designated value.

If you are not able to do it, just leave it as it is, there is nothing wrong with battery and you can charge  it.

There were no dead cells?

There were no dead cells.

Battery cells are balanced to 1.2 volts.

However, some cells dropped very fast to 1.0 volts in 10 minutes.

Can I discharge these to 0.5 volts and balance them until they have been stabilized to 1.2 volts?

Yes, you can. 

I'm waiting for results.

Nu har jag balanserat alla celler till 1,38volt utan en som plötsligt dog för mig.

I morgon ska jag testa hur långt jag kommer till 138,6 volt.

Finns det något problem att köra med en dödcell?

System may not recognize temperature of this cell so don't drive with dead cell inside.

To use scooter dismount/or bypass broken cell. There is risk it will burn.

Ok I have now ordered a new cell!

How much does the cheapest Li-ion complete kit cost?

I would like to thank you for good information as well

Please contact me for more information.


My name is João and i leave in Portugal, i onw a 2010 Vx1 since 2010 with +-21500km.

Till now i have no problems with my Vectrix, only normal maitenence, tires and brakes.

Last week i get this error message on the dashboard "no ts", and i'm unable to charge my scooter because the charger beguin the process of charging and then turn off. I get the reading of 0ºC on the dashboard temperature information, i still have some batterie in the scotter and it can run, but i dont want to deplet completely the batteries.

i have already disconnect the two plugs of the temperature sensors, but still have the "0°" reading in the dashboard.

Can you tell me what to do ? i realy dont know ho to ask for help.

Ps. i have a diagnose cable that i have never used.

Best regards



Could you check temperature sensors using our diag

You will be able to see if rear or front TS module is damaged

Select bike : VX1Ni

and send me print screen of "data summary"

Please contact directly with me.


Krzysztof Luby

My scooter wil not charge now. It looks like it is not register voltage nor its showing charger symboL. When I drive ,battery symbol(stripes) goes down when accelerating,and goes up when regenerating.I mesure 144V on battery. I have just replaced all 12 temperature sensors on batteru(4 smd resistors was bad)It is 2008 VX-1 with 11000 km on it.Bad charger ? I have no sevice near me,but I have basic knowledge of electronic.