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Hmm, interesting thought.  I do have those earlier revisions (not sure from where though).  It would be cool if there was a revision log somewhere for David's fw.

The bike will currently run (I only tested moving forward/backward a few feet in my garage) and "start" to charge at like 1.5A for ~10 seconds and then stop charging.  

I assume Dugas' charger FW took "Number of cells" x "Max Cell Voltage" = "Pack Hi Voltage Limit".  Right now, b/c I can't modify Max Cell Voltage, that calculation for me is 36 x 0=0. During this, my odometer says "Low 000", "hi 000", "buSULT", which is what I assume is stopping charging. I'm hopeful that if I can figure out how to change Max Cell Voltage to ~4.000, it will actually charge.

OK, quick update.  (wipes forehead). After a bunch of stress and debugging, I switched to scooterdia.exe v21, and that worked much better!  Successfully reprogrammed ICM, MC, and Charger with Dugas firmware.  

I'm now trying to use VX1 Configurator R2.exe to reconfigure the charger limits.  It let me change the MC voltage limits and the number of battery cells, but it won't let me change the Max Cell Voltage (it's 0.000 volts right now).  I tried the comma versus dot thing mentioned, but that doesn't change anything.

What am I missing? 

Azurro, Oh no!  I followed the steps above to reprogram controllers using VectrixDiagnosticsGUI.exe and Dugas firmware
1. Reprogrammed ICM … got "CAN BUS Fault" in the Status area and “Attempting to resume motor controller traffic” at bottom of screen.

2. Reprogram MC…"Download completed successfully" but still have CAN BUS Fault.

I'm really stressing out.  Hopefully you have some idea how to proceed?

Azzuro, thanks for the input.  X Vectrix posted a few months ago in a resource for the Dugas firmware.  Do you know if that is the latest/greatest Dugas firmware?

Thanks for the suggestion about disconnecting the charger before reprogramming the MC.  I assume just removing the charger's data line will accomplish this?  Bricking the MC is my biggest fear! 

To get my charger working with the Dugas' code, must I reprogram the charger (DE-ESDR09.hex), interface control module (DE-ICMR07.hex), and motor controller (DE-MCR08.hex)?  Does the order matter?  Is there a source for the original Vectrix firmware (charger (REV 3001), interface control module (REV 1008)), and motor controller (REV 1017)) in case I need to revert back?