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ok, so i will close the case, and open a new one in the fututr.


Hey Stephan,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Did you fix the problem so far?


Hey Simon,

You can buy one of two. The difference is in warranty time.

Hope it makes sense,


Hey Simon,

thank you for your e-mail.

We don't repair chargers.

We can offer you new chargers available on our shop on line



Hey BJ Gim,

Explain us in more details your question.



ok, let us know more after checking.

Thank you,

Anna and the Team


Let me know if this will help:

-Charger does not work, problem can be charger himself or fuse on the MC

  • To diagnose it, disconnect the dc charger cord from charger
  • Measure voltage on the cord connector between pin 3 and 5 (must have battery voltage)
  • If battery voltage is present charger need to be replaced with new one
  • If battery voltage is not present Fuse on the MC are blow and need to be repaired (he have to send us the controller and we will apply new fuse)


Thank you for great advice. We are working on this and by tomorrow you will be able to use it.

With Kind Regards,