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I believe it is 65 Ah.. I got my modules from a 2015 Leaf. I have done 140 Km once, mostly at 60-70 Km/h. I would say 110-120 is normal. 2016-model seem to have 82 Ah.

Thanks, I will try that. Godd to know they can go so far. - I have also replaced charger like you. Had some troubles with T-sensors on NIMH-battery, With Leaf Lithium it is all good. - Planning to replace shock absorbers though.

Thanks Armand. 108 000 Km(!) - and no major breakdowns?
I just ordered gearbox sealing, O-ring and oil from Vectrix parts.
Warm-up Gold does not seem to be available in Norway, but I might find it at Ebay. Or maybe some other "anti friction" gear additive will do the same..? - Would really like the gearbox to be more or less quiet :)

Thanks once again, Johan

Hi. Mine has done 25 000 km, made in 2008. Have never changed gear oil. Gear is rather noisy, but maybe it just sounds like that...
Would it be wise to do modification / replace oil?
Should I also replace sealings around axle, and around the gear housing?
brg, Johan

Hi, Piotr, and Armand. Yesterday I drove 35 Km with new firmware, and everything seem to be fine. Four bars dissappeared in steep terrain. Estimated range seem to be realistic, but I need some more time to judge. - Guess it is most reliable when driving flat.
As to MC: I did that fault some years ago, but on a weak NIMH battery. My impression is that gauge is controlled from charger, but I guess MC has to "empty" the gauge when driving. (?)

Hello Piotr. As to the dissappearing fuel gauge: I am not sure what happened to the range indicator. I think it was unreliable, both high and low values. Most of the time battery indicated less than half, or empty. - So I did just look at voltage and Kms. Believe it is OK now, but havent used it much. -Still cold.

Thanks Piotr.
Downloaded new firmware. It might have cured the fuel gauge, but it need a little more testing. If it is OK now, I guess it had something to do with mounting pre-programmed mainboard. Anyway, bike is good without fuel gauge.
What has been happening is: Fuel gauge fills up from empty during charge. But quite often all bars are gone next morning. Once I used Scooterdiag to set fuel gauge to 95 % before driving. - But then all bars disappeared at start of tour.
(I have not done an exact measurement of capacity yet. It is set to 60 Ah. Range is more than 110 Km)
The charger has "always" had an other issue: Sometimes, at start of charge it says "no out" and terminates. - Unplugging and new start will always work. - Not dependant of firmware.

Hello Piotr, could you confirm that I should use this firmware package for charger..?

36 Leaf cells.

Charger: Old EVPS/ Runke, with new mainboard from you.

BMS: MP Tech universal “Old?” type.

I have now: (from Scooterdiag):

Charger: LiMn36-1 (Different)

MC: R2042-04 (Same)

ICM: DIY 1708 (Same)

BMS: BMS R64 (Guess this should not be changed)

Scooter is just fine, but fuel gauge sometimes go to zero. Then fills up during charge.