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I have a problem which I need some help with. I had a problem with temp sensors, and decided to install the "no sensors" version of the charger firmware.

So I've just tried to re-flash the ESD charger in my VX-1 Nimh. I followed the detailed instructions to the letter, and all went well until I clicked the PROGRAM button to install the no temp sensor version of the Laird firmware into the charger. Then I got the message "Transfer Failed to VX1 Ni Vehicle Charger". As suggested I left the bike on, and restarted the laptop and ScooterDiag and retried. Same result. Ultimately had no choice but to shut things down.

Now when I turn on the bike all is fine, except solid red battery because its very low, and I get a GO, bike moves etc. However when I plug in and turn on the mains to charge I get no action at all from the charger. No fans, no lights, no dashboard indications. When I run scooterdiag both the charge and temperature panels are red, but otherwise no faults shown.

Anyone have any clue where I go from here?