Your comments

Hi Piotr,

I am trying to determine the compatibility of my charger and even though your tekst has already been very helpfull, it did leave me with a few questions.

You explicitly mention revisions and their different compatibilities for Runke chargers.
You also mention that there are two different ESD chargers and that ESD chargers require board modifications.
Then however you demonstrate how to identify the revision of ESD chargers and what boards are compatible with Li software - 1.9,
and in your webshop you sell ESD Silver Charger v2.0 for Ni and Li weighting 10KG as well as offer a service to upgrade the ESD charger to Li weighting 12KG.


- Are there stock ESD chargers that are compatible with both Ni and Li, or do only modded ESD chargers support both? (What ESD chargers are compatible with both NI and Li?)
- Is the 10 KG li + Ni capable ESD charger from your webshop a modded charger, and why is it 2 KG lighter then the original ESD charger that could be send to you for modding?