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The encoder for the rear wheel. it can be calibrated in the diagnostic software. 
Strangely enough, the wheel turns around correctly when you press the button for rotation test.
When I accelerate, the light in the cockpit lights up for reverse.
Hello Azzuro,

I have another problem. Since my Vectrix only drives 100kmh I uploaded the update from the service page to the Vectrix. then I also calibrated the encoder. So far everything has worked. But now the Vectrix drives backwards instead of forwards.
I did the rotation test in the diagnosis software and the wheel is turning the right way round.
Where is the mistake
I still have a charger from my parts dispenser.
With the inscription

SW: V2.008
HW: P1.48

The housing is silver and has 2 square plugs at the bottom. 2 fans can be seen on the inside

Hi there,

2 cables without plugs come out at the bottom of the charger.
The loader is silver and has a sticker with the following inscription.

Part No P00
Serial No S000696
Software V4.20
Hardware P 1.42-D

On the inside there is another connector labeled J1 Battery Charger V5000

2 fans can be seen

Thank you for the information.
Can you help me how I can get a charger for 38 cells with 3.7V or how I can have my Nimh charger converted?
I'm currently converting from Nimh to Li, I already have the BMS, now only the loader is missing. The vectrix shop has disappeared. Where can I have my loader converted or buy a finished one