Encoder Calibration & Motor Phase Check S-ST-1001

Encoder calibration has to be performed each time: you replaced MC, replaced encoder or removed encoder disc for cleaning.

Note: Encoder calibration and / or motor phase check must be done with rear wheel elevated - OFF ground. You should use stable scissor jack or other bike lift. It is possible to make the calibration on the ceterstand (we don't reccomend it) - but you have to be sure that during the process rear wheel does NOT touch the ground.

A. Using Vectrixdiagnostics application (if you don't have diagnostic cable - scroll down to section B)

1. Using scissor jack elevate the rear wheel, check the stability of bike.

2. Fold (close up) the sidestand / kickstand

3. Connect diagnostic cable to the scooter

4. Turn ignition ON

5. Press the Kill Switch to RUN position (as you would do riding bike).

6. Open Vectrixdiagnostics application

7. Set the right mode (VX-1 Ni / VX-1 Li), make sure CAN Bus field is green (communication active)

9. Go to the "ENCODER" page

Image 102

10. Press the "Check Phase Rotation" button

11. Accept the warning pup-up

Image 103

12. Observe the rear wheel - it should slowly rotate forward. If rotates backward the motorcontroller - motor cables are not connected properly (3 phase cables, marked A,B,C)

13. Press "Read" button to see current off-set. You will be able to compare if calibration changed.

14. Press "CALIBRATE" button to calibrate encoder - rear wheel will slowly rotate (after few second) and the red indicator on the scale will move from zero to some value below 360.

Image 104

15. If the calibration exceed 360 or doesn't stop at all - you have to clean or replace encoder.

B. Without Vectrixdiagnostics application

Encoder Calibration

1. Using scissor jack elevate the rear wheel, check the stability of bike.

2. Fold (close up) the side-stand / kickstand

3. Make sure ignition key in in OFF position

4. Press Kill Switch to RUN position

5. With right hand turn fully the throttle, press and hold right brake level.

6. While holding - turn the ignition ON.

7. Wait till dashboard activates, and the "WRENCH" icon / tale-light stays ON - release the throttle and brake.

8. Calibration process will start automatically - wheel start rotating, speedometer needle will rise up from 0kmh to 120kmh and then back to zero.

9 After few seconds "WRENCH" icon will disappear. Calibration is done.-
Note: be careful bike is still in GO mode. Turning throttle will activate motor.

10. If the process repeats by itself again and again - encoder can't find right calibration - requires inspection, cleaning or replacement.

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Thank you very much Piotr, It's a very good idea this topic. Have you all documents that we could be found on the site vectrixservice.com ?

Best regards.

Yes, I have all which was on the vectrixservice.com, but only in English. I'm trying to get the other languages.

I can send you all of my documentation in french

Best regards

Yes, please, it will be very helpful. Thank you :)

Tell me if you can download all documents?

Hey Armand,

Yes, we managed to download all as .zip. thank you :)


I’m having trouble with my VX-1.

Forward movement is very slow, doesn’t move a lot, reverse is normal.

Executed the above procedure, speedo doesn’t reach 120 kph, barely 50 kph during procedure, rear wheel barely moves.

With rear wheel off the ground, so no load speedo reaches 30 kph, with rear wheel on the ground it barely moves.

Is it possible that i’m missing a phase due to a blown fuse?

Thanks in advance.



What type of battery do you have? What is the battery voltage? Do you see any trouble codes on the odometer?

It’s a  36s20p conversion with 18650 cells, starting from a li+ base 42ah, voltage of 146v, no actual trouble codes, no yellow wrench.  Only low cell warning because bms isn’t connected to modules yet, flashing red battery because of this.   Have to get me a canbus adaptor to change parameters from lifepo4 to li-ion chemistry, probably do the software upgrade to 36s firmware. Temp sensors are connected and working.

Reverse works fine, forward movement no real power.

Throttle sensor position test reads 43 kph on odo, so should be fine.


 I have a trouble with my encoder calibration.  I have Ni Batteries and old software but when I test, encoder ofset achieves to 508. Can it be solved with software or I have to replace or move the encoder disk?



Try to clean it first with dry air (can like for the cleaning of keyboard)

If you have tools you can also dismount it, clean with alcohol.

Tools are available at our shop :



Instruction here Encoder Replacement S-XC-S00024

Do you not have to write the new code at the end of this calibration protocol?

after calibration you don't have to do anything with code

First you write new code to the MC, then setup.

At the end you have to calibrate encoder.