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I have some VX-1 parts for sale. Where would I post those?

My bike was at Vectrix under a factory recall until May of 2014. Here are the notes I got from them just before they shipped it back to me in San Diego. Li+ VX-1:

Hi Dan, your bike seems to be just great,

Charged and running well, I checked the batteries a cell level and they look good. 

I thru in a new windscreen and a set of mirrors you might like, I use them with better visibility, also some stickers and extra screws should the need arise.

Some time ago I installed a bigger DC converter, its located beneath the ignition switch under the step-thru, it turns on with ignition.

Its good for about 10Amps, there is a cable under the front cowl,(remove wind screen) you can attach what you want or not, also ran a feed into the trunk, runs your plate frame etc.

We use this converter to run the Police light and siren package,

I checked tires, ok, keep psi to 35 to 40

Thanks Armand. I don't quite understand about using one bulb lamp to replug the battery. So if the fuse is bad, I replace it, and then when I plug in the battery again, am I turning on the headlight, is that the bulb lamp you mean?

What is your return policy if I buy this replacement charger for my VX-1 Lithium+ and I install it and the bike does not charge? Do you want my current charger as an exchange? 

The two black wires on the 115V three-prong U.S. charging cord plug shorted out and burned out the plug. I replaced the plug and the bike no longer charges. I removed the charger, opened the case, no fuse or obvious shorts or burned components. My concern is that I don't know if it is the charger or some other electronic component on the bike, like a fuse somewhere else besides the charger. Also, my batteries have dropped to almost zero. 


Does the bike need to be powered on to run the CANBUS cable and diagnostic programs? If I buy a new charger from you guys and plug it into the bike and it still does not charge, can I return the charger? How much is a new charger including shipping to San Diego, CA? Thanks!

Can the charger be repaired?

I have silver ESD charger. Does that charger include an onboard BMS? I work with some electrical engineers who think we could rig up an aftermarket charger for the batteries. They asked me for the Li-ion battery pack specs: volts, amps, KWH, etc. Thanks!

Right now the charger is out of the bike. When I turn on the key, the instruments light up and I see almost half of the bars are left. The bike was running last time I checked, before I removed the charger. I will put it up on the center stand and see if the rear wheel spins.

To run the diagnostics program, I must put the charger back in the bike first, then connect my CANBUS device to the bike and to my PC? The program will tell me what is wrong with the charger? I opened up the charger and did not see any fuses or see or smell anything that looked burned up or swollen. The bike stopped charging after the charging cord plug shorted out. I replaced the plug but nothing happens when i plug it in. I have been using a heavy gauge extension cord to charge the bike for over a year with no problems. Also, does the charger sense 115V or 240V and adapt to either voltage? I have a 240V adapter cable with a 115V socket on it that works to charge my 2016 Volt. If I get the Vectrix charging again, can I plug it in to the 240V circuit to charge faster? Thanks for all the help and support. It is very scary to own a Vectrix in the U.S. with the only support coming from you guys in another country!