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firmware upgrade is possible by booking online servie appointment, please mail to to book the appointment, cost of the online service payble online

vector please provide me your email so i can send you calibration procedure, are u sure you connected properly the sensor to the ICM (3 wire)

Sure - please post your question her or send me by email:


It would be very dangarous to use stand alone CHADEMO system estimating SOC on pack voltage.

CHADEMO charging station can provide very high DC current - 100A and easily overcharge some cells if the system doesn't monitor each cell voltage.

For all home made / DIY conversion we recommend to use our universal BMS system -

Not only it will protect battery from over charge/discharge but will provide accurate range calculation, reduce power when cells are going low, reduce regen when cells are full, can be used with oryginal NiMH charger etc.

MC heatsink temperature can reah 110celsius degree before the safety control will reduce the power to let it cool down, so 54-57 should not create you any problem, anyhow just over 40 the MC fan is always ON at the max speed.