VX-2 Owners Manual

Booklet for VX-2 - VX-2 Owner's Manual

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It's missing pages 4-11 through 4-13! Is there anyone I can ask specific questions to diagnose this VX-2 scooter that I have in my shop?

Mike Majors


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Sure - please post your question her or send me by email: matteozordan@vectrixparts.com

Hi Matteo,

I have some questions about the EVPS BC:

EVPS BC with the error message "no Out", what is the reason for this error?

Can we repair this error when we change the EVPS charger control board?


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No out is a hardware failure on the main board not on the controll board.

If you have some electric expirience (replacing SMD components) - write to Matteo directly on matteozordan@vectrixparts.com - he may advise which components try to replace. Sometimes is the main transformer though - then is not worth to repair.

I have purches a Vextrix Electric Scooter VX-1 , I got the Battery Charge up and it work great. Well I had issue that I took it to a job and the owner had issue with battery that cause spark near the battery. Well After that the scooter will not boot up. I replace the battery, and still will not come on. I thinking it may of motor controller fuse is bad, can you help me out to get it started again.


Jimmy Lester


What do you mean by:

- "owner had issue with battery that cause spark"

- "I replaced the battery" - which battery you put in instead?



I had my scooter stolen but found it later and it seems like they tried to start it by short-circuiting it. I smoldered back black wire from the ignition and the scooter gets electricity again but I can't get the engine going by pressing both handbrakes and when applying the front brake it looks like the scooter is accelerating on the spedometer and the disply shifts the setting between km/miles. I can't find anything else done with the scooter. Do you have any ideas what it could be?

Best regards

They have damaged the "kill switch" - red button on the right side of handlebar.

Bike is in the OFF status.

You can try to repair it or buy new one in our online store.


I get cannot extract font "EIJXXQ+Ariel-BoldMT". Can you create a new PDF with also all pages? Thanks!!


I bought a vectrix  vx-2 without a key ,can you please send me instructions how to change the ignition switch and where to buy one .Thanks  Tim 8188522345