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the leaf
batteries were made for the vectrix, and I would like to install them
instead of my winston at the end of their life, they currently have 80
000km and start to be less efficient than at the beginning.

I must found it at the best price.

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How many Km you can expect with leaf battery, and have you 54A or 65A?

Hi Johan, with only 5ml of Warmup added in my oil I have forget the noise from my gearbox, you can found warmup on Amazon, I have replaced one ESD Charger with a Runke, and one little fuse on Motor controller and all Nimh battery from Lithium at 32000km and nothing else

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Hello, mine has done 108 000km, made in 2009, have changed oil at 12 000 km and added 5 ml of warm up gold formula anti-frictions, and after that you can forget all noise from your gearbox.

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It's a good Idea ;)

The blowed little fuse is one on the three black plastic, the center fuse.

You must use the bulb lampe or special limiter plug before connect the battery if you don't want to blow the fuse again, like this:

Lampe Bulbe

Use a special gloves for working in your battery area and not like me.

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Hello DanDiego, Perhaps that your problem is on the MC, and I think that you have burned one little fuse near the white plug the center fuse. For test you must unplug the battery connector, remove the MC board and unsoldering the fuse. For replug the battery you must use one bulb lampe if you don't want burned the fuse again.
You can use one car fuse like this:

Be careful with the power from the battery.

No more Expansive to one gear box, you add just a few milliliter in your oil, tranquillity and quiet have no price

No more Expansive to one gear box, you add just a few milliliter in your oil, tranquility and quiet have no price