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Hi Steve!

You will need Inrush current limiter to connect again battery to scooter. For remove battery you don't need it.


Probably you have problem with MC voltage reading. It is comparing with voltage reading from BMS. When values are diffrent you will have EC071 message. 

What you can do? 
-Check power connection between battery and MC, maybe cables are not well screw?
-Check power connection between charger and MC.

-Upgrade MC,BMS and charger firmware.

Hi Tido!

You will have something about 100Ah, so you should think about our new PFC charger 3.3kW or two in parallel 6.6kW. You can find them on our store:

Best regards, Mateusz

Hi Max!

Most probably it will be problem with BMS or harness. The best what you can do is try to charge it with connected diagnostic program. Then you will see where is problem. Probably reading of some cell is unstable. 

If the scooter was not use a long time, it is possible that battery is completly discharged. Try to measure the pack voltage(It is voltage on whole battery. In your picture it is plus wire and minus wire on right side) and let me know. 


If you talking about main motor controler fuse. It is located under metal case of MC(I marked it as red).

Motor controler has more smaller fuses. In original MC they can not be exchanged, if you have MC after our rework all fuses are replaceable ( I marked it as blue).

Hi Gunther,

Yes, you can use original BMS boards in both configuration(36s and 40s). Differences are in connection and software configuration.