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Bluetooth in VX-1

Lucas Martín 10 months ago • updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1

Hi everyone. Is there any plan to add bluetooh on VX-1? It will be available on the shop as an external part for already selled bikes?.



Current state of my Vectrix + plans

Azzuro 3 months ago 0

VX-1 13000 kms

Current state :


1.5 kW charger

> LED fanless headlight

> Type2 AC charging

Planned :

Liitokala HG2 based NMC battery, prebalanced 36S24P 

Firmware to match new battery chemistry

Custom BMS with Arduino uplink

CANBus internal connection to Arduino

Elcon TC charger 3.6 or 7.2 kW

Remote start, unlock with 433 Mhz keyfob, later BLE

Remote SOC, GPS, status monitoring via 3G IP / Ubidots 

Dual tone horn

Sport windshield


Heated Grips kit

Ricardo de Matos 2 years ago • updated by Paul 2 years ago 2

Following the idea of other improvements you have developed for our Vectrix motorcycles, I here by suggest the addition of a heated grip kit to your shop.

Personally I love the idea of adding the Tecno Globe Gold heated grips, with integrated switch in the left grip, to my beloved VX-1.


MC operating temperature range

Vectrix 3 years ago • updated by piotrstec (Managing Director) 3 years ago 2


Riding my vectrix about 80 km/h in road my MC is working at 48ºC but if a ride up hill in mountain road with about 7-12% ramp and 50 km/h MC reaches about 54-57 ºC and about few seconds - 1 minute later decrease at 48ºC....What is the limit working temperature of MC? Is this temperature normal? Have MC a temperature limit where stop for security?

rear whell speed signal cable

Mauro 3 weeks ago • updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 2 weeks ago 1


I'm looking for rear wheel speed signal cable spare part number of VX-1

can you help me?


Keto 6X In addition to the manuals, the program

annb enda 3 weeks ago 0

Keto 6X In addition to the manuals, the program features a protocol that promises that the concertina effect will never be experienced and a cookbook with suggestions from the creator Rodolfo Aurélio.


annb enda 3 weeks ago 0

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dilkatochla 3 weeks ago 0

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Vectrix vx-1 Li-on conversion

vectrix27kwh 1 month ago • updated by Kzysztof Luby (Service Engineer) 2 weeks ago 2

Hi from Spain.I have two vectrix that have the original Nimh pack.I'm planning on converting to Li-on, I have a few thousand cells I am begining to solder them with a spot welder.The thing is that those bikes have the runke charger, and cause the pack will be 27 kwh, I need a BMS and a TC charger.So my question is..., ¿If i purchase the charger and the BMS how i programme it?¿If a purchase everything from your website, vectrix parts will give instructions?