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You probably right. Cruise Controll should let you accelerate if you need and after releasing throttle should return to the set speed.

No worries. I'm happy to share details of our technolog.

If you are using our BMS system - each 9 cells are on seperate circutes, without sharing ground of battery. (board 0 - cells 1-9, board 1 cells 10-18, board 2 cells 19-27, board 3 cells 28-36) and splitiing the pack in half (or in 4) doesn't affect / damage the BMS.


Yes you can reuse the boards you have with our box/adaptor kit.

Hi Roos

I've seen you already ordered box/adaptor.

Thank you.



No - CHADEMO requaires CANBUs communication between charging station and vehicle.

I assume your conversion doesn't have any BMS to controll each cell voltage? The interface between charging station and bike needs to hear to High Cell, Low Cell, battery capacity, SOC which are transmitted on CAN by our BMS and charger.



Battery Fuel Gauge is controlled by charger (if its present, if it fails display shows battery voltage read by MC, so goes fast up and down while riding). Charger displays all bars when charging completed and then reduce one bar per 5.55% of battery capacity based on the real and actual consumption measured by MC.

Charger doesn't have any build in algorithm for calculating the real battery capacity and it refers to value set by firmware or user (via dashboard). We are working on next generation of BMS which will calculate on every charge/discharge cycle a usable capacity of the pack and update this value in the charger eprom, but right now if you set a wrong capacity or do not update it, the gauge and range estimation will show wrong info.

Hi Rafael

You are right - it is a simple ampere freeze. We have designed it for service purpose (to watch LowCell / HighCell at constant load while riding) not for Interstate cruising. It's possible to introduce also constant speed - not on our priority list yet though.

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Hello Johan

Let me know when the weather will improve enough to test it. Best